Monday, October 6, 2008

Scene Two:Time for today's Kattalk...Topic is Friendship

A good friend is hard to find and it is very important to forge deep meaningful and lasting relationships with others. The company you keep says a lot about what type of person you are. Keep in mind that others will judge you by the company you keep. I'm sure you have heard of the saying, birds of a feather flock together. That being said be careful of the friends you take on and only associate with positive people. Being around like minded individuals will steer you away from toxic and negative individuals. Surround yourself with people who are positive, ambitious and who genuinely cares about you. People that care about you will usually be loyal, honest and you won't have to worry about them talking about you behind your back. Also good friends are brutally honest and lets you know when you are wrong and is not afraid to verbalize it. For example if your girl friend asks you, Do I look good with a two tone cheap chinese store brought wig and you know she looks a hot mess and you answer yes. You are not a true friend. I understand you may not want to hurt their feelings but a true friend wouldn't want their girl looking like how Tiny did for Ti's 28th birthday party. SMH.. (Tiny call me I'm available for image consulting.)Anyways appreciate your friends and be mindful to keep in touch and check up on them even when you are buzy. I've been accussed of this and I am working to correct that. That being said chose your friends wisely and remember that they are a reflection of you.

Posted by katskatwalk

Absolutely right Kat you hit the spot on this one. A good friend is very hard to find sh*t two of my friends just went to court last month and don't even speak at all anymore and they were friends for 6 years. Loyalty, honesty, and being able to comprimise in certain situations is a must in a friendship. Also friendship and money is like mixing oil and water, you never want to mix the two because you will get a bad result. Case and point never lend a friend too much money!!!!!

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