Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scene One: BIG Sean- Get'cha Some vid

Such a cutie, but besides that such a the comparisons the kid is "dope"....aside from being a new Def Jam signee he's also down wit the G.O.O.D family, yes Kanye West's team...from his UKNOWBIGSEAN mixtape comes "Get'cha Some" where he brags "If I told you where to get it, you n*ggas still wouldnt grab it, just to pronounce it you gotta have the accent". This how a brand new artist "first" video should look like, simplistic, lighted well so you can see his face, yet artistic....not boobies everywhere (hahhaa I had to throw that in) moving on expect big things from this kid. Expect a cameo by someone lol ENJOY :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chapter Sixty One: Pharrell Willams *sighs*

via BBC/icecream
This would be the definition of my me a sundae in this heat, cuz I just melted....I swear Pharrell can do no wrong in my eyes (cept those recent boots, and that Hobo hat). Here are some pics I found of him in Honeyee Mag....the pieces are so hot and the way they were wore blows mine the bowtie, th rolled up jean, the boot, the sweater, the #incollege with it =) PW always makes me smile...What do you Curtainfly's think???

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chapter Sixty: Siedah Garrett Tribute to Michael Jackson

This seems so sincere, and she said some truthful things....if you don't know who Siedah Garrett is shes the woman who wrote "Man In the Mirror".....I loved this cause you can tell this was pure & from the heart smh....never will be another R.I.P. MJ we dont really care what the negative media has to say anymore we know what you did for the WORLD.... "I've been A victim Of a SELFISH kind of LOVE, it's time that I realize that there are some with no home, not a nickel to loan could it be really me, pretending that they're not alone?"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Scene Five: Miley Cyrus "The Climb"

Let me tell you guys when I would turn on the radio and this song came on I quickly changed it simply cuz it was something about it being Miley Cyrus's song I know I know...but one day I simply sat down n listened to the words and yall she took me there...the words were so real "Theres always gonna be an uphill battle, sometimes your gonna have to lose, aint about how fast I get there aint about whats waiting on the other side ITS THE CLIMB" damn she took me I finally seen the video and the visual is tuff...Kudos to the writer of this song Im a lil mini fan of Miley now theres still something doofy about that girl but she doing her thing....dont judge lol I love this song

Scene Four:You can be my GIRL- A.P.C.Moccasin

I fukkin adore Moccasins I still wear all of mine, I have a couple in my closet tho Im def a high heel lady but theres times when I wanna be comfortable specially when I'm goin to school or at a simple hangout...I have not been a fan LATELYof a lot of suede shoes (I'm in leather girl mode now) but these right here r amazeen the colorway is crazy....They retail at 270 u can actually dress them up or down....o yea hang up those UGG boots ladies too hot for that shhhh lol

Scene Three:Check my COOL: I NEED these A.P.C. sunnies

The thing I love about them is male or female can rock them....shits r tuff. I love the shell on em also and its a perfect tint that brownish grayish tint is perfect for indoor stuntin lol A.P.C. IS REALLY BRINGING IT....check my cool
SceNISH shit

Scene Two: "Independent Women" Fundraiser

July 10th, Club Europa- Brooklyn, NY....If your not busy plz attend def for a good cause, its dedicated to a young girl in Cambodia...again I'm so sad I can't be there :(....The theme is Woman Power so all my female followers attend and fellas you support also.....I love this flyer so insane. I'm hearing from my girl Danielle Thornton they will have female singers, female dj's, female make up artists, female photographers, female rappers a female filmographer....and also a secret go out and support check out the flyer

Scene One: Parachute "She is Love"

Just wanted to share this gem "Ive been beaten down, Ive been kicked around but she takes it all for me, and I lost my faith in my darkest days but she makes me want to believe, they call her love love love love" this song is fantastic that's all

She Is Love - Parachute

Chapter Fifty Nine: Mario feat Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane- "Break Up" video

I just recently posted up the single now this is the video, nice clean look love this song been blasting it for months now good to see a visual...but honestly so not feeling the baldie on Mario me nah know lol....head a lil eggish...Gucci of course make me feel dirty (not in a good or sexual way) and everyone is loving Sean Garrett's body but facewise....well thats another story neway lol check out the vid below

Also check out the 09 Human Nature done by Mario "Reaching out touch a stranger electric arms are everywhere" and yes that is the instrumental that John Mayer played at the Memorial....Mario def has such a great voice I sometimes feel like he gets slept on, hopefully this new look and sound can get him to where he needs to be and always mentioned even when he is away like Usher, Ne-Yo, and Chris Brown....his album And then There was Me drops sometime in September. Let me know what you guys think about the vid and song

Human nature - Mario Barrett

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

MJ's Memorial Service and Rolling Stone Cover

The Rolling Stone Cover is fantastic..Thank you Michael Jackson for the times music and innovation, R.I.P baby. Today is def another sad day...but we have him forever in our memories he will finally be set free and spirit is here with us...its now 12:00pm noon, July 7th and the MJ memorial service is going on right now...I'm watching it on CNN but for those that don't have cable or maybe at work you can watch the Live Stream below...
Free live streaming by Ustream

Chapter Fifty Eight: Melanie Fiona sings "Monday Morning"

Now look at this Sexy Beast named Melanie Fiona the girl got pipes....yikes she is singing "Monday Morning" "The sky would lead somewhere to go,need room to grow got 2 tickets and a dream". I'm waiting patiently for her album The Bridge to drop, till then I have these live sessions to watch ehhh :) get into this my curtainflies...u fly sommabishes :)

Maxwell album in stores NOW....BLACKsummers'night

Yes it is currently 4:11am, and I'm up listening to Maxwell's first studio effort since 2001's Now...this album is perfection real mellow,still make love music....go out and buy it. Definitely worth it that man is every bit of sexy...sheesh...AOL actually is streaming his album right now also so if you wanna check it out click this link MAXWELL Album ENJOY my fam :) Im so excited now im waiting for Sade's new album geeze good ol rnb is back :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Scene One: Beyonce Does Halo for MJ

This is truly only question is why not this at the BET awards her performance of Ave Maria left me on Huh.... this on the other hand is simply amazing...."Michael I can see your Halo, your MUSIC wont fade away" we will miss you MJ

Chapter Fifty Seven: Ready for Maxwell's BLACKsummers night album??

Sexy times....he explains the concept of Pretty Wings...btw his performance at the BET awards was the best....I can't wait till the album drops