Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scene One: Zip this Up....Marc Jacobs new Earrings

I can Rock these....very affordable $68....loves it

Chapter Thirty Five: This Is INSANNNNNNNNNEEEEE!!!!!!!! In a GOOD way of course....

Thanks to Kanye's Blog if you have free time on you pretty hands check out this ill drum pad set with the sounds of Daft Punk's Stronger, Better, Faster sounds.....shit is INSANEEEEEEEE play with it here

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scene Two: Ginuwine returns with his "Last Chance"

This is how you come back after four years nice smooth and grown...he says this time around he'll be more tasteful which I'm sure most women would be highly disappointed because we all remember his "Pony" days, but we have to keep in mind that he's a father and also a husband (he's married to rapper Sole). Its so good to see he still has it in the looks department, his snake like moves, and his masculine voice which I adore I'm glad he didn't try to get in where he fit in and try to do some wack club type autotune shake your ass record, he stayed in his lane Thank You for that...In the video he plays a cop where it seems his girl has a problem with his job and his partner being fine ass dark Tyrese...Imma def buy this album cause Í'm a fan of his and I also hear he's back in the studio with Timbaland and his second single will feature Missy Elliot Yessss...I also noticed when he was on 106 & and Fart *yes I spelled fart lol* they didn't even acknowledge LisaRaye at ALL; I guess they didn't want an awkward situation being that Rocsi was messing with her husband and she almost got her ass kicked by Queen Pen because of it lol lemme stop being Messy and check the video out below...

Scene One: Asher Roth> I love College

Im not sure if everyone loves college, but i know for sure when this song came on at the clubs peeps went Caraazzyyyy "I wished I Taped it" lol as a student in college this song makes you wanna go to all the campus parties my friend Ryan used to tell me about all his Beer pong adventures and Asher actually gives you 4 years in 4 minutes,College life is crazy...campus life is even more crazyyyy n azmaaazzzzinnn something I wish I would of did. When this song came on my cuz *LB* asked is this new Eminem lmao he do sound like him but imagine Em rapping bout college lmao....But check this shit out on this cool Laazy Sonday....Playsis

Chapter Thirty Four: This man wont Move and I dont blame him.....

This song is amazing, wow just hits the heart HARDDD....really this really is about undying love and you cant beat that....We all search for that one time or another. Loves It -The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chapter Thirty Three: Maino tells "All The Above" with T-Pain

Wuttup Brooklyn....Nostrand...Flatbush....sheesh So loving Maino for this record if you wondering yes it does sound alot like T.I.'s Live Your Life mainly because Just Blaze produced this one also this song is so BIG this guy has come a long way from being in prison to having such an impact on the hood , just goes to show you that you can make it out of a bad situation n make it into a successful one :)....love the way it was shot n aginn I'm loving your story Maino...Props :) his album in stores soon thru Atlantic Records titled If Tomorrow Comes....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scene Five: Keri Hilson> In a Perfect World... In stores NOW!!!!!

Listen to it in its ENTIRETY HERE -Very Well Done Keri-One of my fav tracks I heard a long time ago made the album and its called Where Did He Go Loves IT....Let me know how yall feel about the album :)

Scene Four: Roberto Cavalli "gecko" Bangle

I can so see myself with this. Price is beyond crazy though $625.....Sheessshhhh

Scene Three: Black Eyed Peas Reunites with new Promo Pic

Im really anxious to hear what new music they are cooking up (get it- cooking up Black Eyed Peas) lmao jus kidding, with Fergie having a successful solo career, Will.i.Am producing, promoting *President Obama*, and also having his solo endeavors accomplished to have all that energy and new ideas Im sure were gonna have some new "Humps" x10.....Im excited I was always a fan of their music as a group. O the verdict is still out for me on that new color Fergie Ferg...we'll see :)

Scene Two: Kanye X Complex MAG= The Future

Kanye West has Reunited with Director/Photographer Chris Milk who provided him with his earlier videos example Jesus Walks . In the April issue of Complex mag they create a visual masterpiece.....In Kanye's Futuristic Art Computer Generated showcase he hits the nail on the head with this cover its Awasamazzinnnn set in his Air Yeezys Nike Sneaker, Dior Homme Pants, YSL Sunglasses he really proved to show he's cut from a diff clothe. To be as honest as I always am I really was more interested in the imagery moreso the interview, these computer-generated art pieces is beyond something I've seen in a long time from an artist.....kudos to Mr. West Sheeshhhhh.....to read the Cover interview click complex Yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Scene One: Keri Hilson Knocks Down Kanye West N Ne-Yo

Okay Keri had knocked me down with her backtracking ass but with this collabo and getting a terrific squad on this song you can't help but love her and this song.....In the video I swear Kanye and Keri looks so good together *ever consider a relationship* lol the chemistry is undeniable. Without saying too much "Love Triangle". Keri see how far talent can get you, WITHOUT being MESSY. Check it out P.S. Im loving the scene shots and the outfit choices- Kanye is showing hisself in a new light Lovin It.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chapter Thirty Two: Love, Sex, and Magic- Ciara got JT to bring Sexy Back

This by far is sexiest video from Ciara since Promise....I had to watch this video at least 2-5 times to try to catch all the love sex and magic dance moves lol I love this, I knowJustin Timberlake enjoyed also. Every sequence, every oufit, every lighting and dance move was hottttt.....check it out below....o btw posting will go backdaily since I'm going home :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hey Guys!!!! ClothestheCurtains Missed You-Effortless Swavvvy

Hey peeps I wanna say I appreciate all the visitors the commenters all the supporters it means alot to us. I know we fell back a bit and haven't posted in a few days but if you guys knew lol, Im visiting family and its been really crazy. To hold you guys I leave you with a pic of our President, that man o.MY.g we have never had a President with such finesse and effortless style.....see you guys soon....LOVE

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chapter Thirty One: "Lady Love" Letoya Luckett returns with "Not Anymore"

Miss Letoya Luckett is back with that pure RnB, this song is the truth. Her first album was a young lady's testament for relationships and life I loved it, what makes LL so memorable to me is that she sets her self apart from her counterparts (old DC members). Video was Directed by Bryan Barber responsible for most Outkast videos, appearances from sexual chocolate and Eva *Pigford* Marcille's fiance actor Lance Gross. Im especially loving the story line and old-school feel of  the video it's true what they say you don't know what you got till its gone. Check out the video....Artists are bringing Videos back :)

Intermission: Keri Hilson ft Keyshia Cole & Trina-Get your money up


Monday, March 9, 2009

Scene Two: Keri Hilson> "Make Love"

Even with all the current fuss over the turning me off remix where there was so much backtracking about who she was talking about*Some say it was about beyonce/ciara/nicole from PCD* (I feel like she shoulda just said names) seems like aint nothing gon stop her, I admit she lost some points from me, her new promo/preview video with her a current video model wait for it....Kanye West lol very sensual video. Song def got a nice groove to it Check it out below

Scene One: Wordspit> Joystick Madness and Interview

Always showing love to my peeps, I figured I would provide an outlet for my boy Wordspit the illest check out his "Joystick Madness" live performance hott of course I remember when I got an exclusive performance of this lmao *not like that nastee's*....also check out his interview with The Koalition here. O give me your feedback and leave comments, exclusive interview coming soon. Check it out Below:

Chapter Thirty: The Dream Feat Mariah Carey > "My Love"

Directed by MC's husband actor Nick Cannon he captures a true love story.....Loves it The Dream got another hit

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scene Two: Electrik Red> "So Good"

Seems like they just released their second single n video for "Friend Lover" which was more upbeat, but the third single "So Good" def has a more laid back appeal....of course you know I'm loving it and cant wait till their first album How To Be a Lady Vol.1 gets released April 12th. These girls are so honest and we have Mr. Radio Killa to thank for that the music is so refreshing and the video which was Directed by Melina a *female* doing big tings lol is super cool from the colors to the ropes and of course the sexy outfits n dance moves expect more from these ladies I sure am enjoy.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Scene One:Dream Love v.s. Money entire album

Thought i'd give you guys a treat...here you go..this album is hott from beginning to end...Let me kNow WHaT ya'll thoughts are. dEF was jamming to it and DReaM gets a lot of respect from me. He came hard with his sophmore album, he has me sold. What about you??

The Dream - Love vs. Money

Chapter Twenty Nine: Jazmine Sullivan tells all to "Dream Big"

If you don"t have Jazmine Sullivan's debut album "Fearless"'I advise you to go get it. This is her fourth US single and her first UK one. Love the Daft Punk- Veridis Quo sample btw, this song is just so inspirational to me. I'm sure you guys would find inspiration also because the words man the words.....Check it out

Friday, March 6, 2009

Scene Three; Jimmy Fallon Has a dance off with Cameron Diaz

This has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a while....Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon have a dance off in which of course Cam D. won lol we all did see her white girl moves in Charlies Angels right lol love that girl....fav part the Octo-mom joke lmao check it out

Scene Two: Nina Ricci Fab Heel-Less Shoes

Could you pull off these Couture Shoes ladies....I'll be honest I would no longer have a working ankle. Them shits look painful O.MY.G, I can picture Victoria Beckham in these she was seen wearing some Antonio Berardi heel-less boots before. Those look like an accident waiting to happen. Their crazy Flyy tho...

Scene One: Louis Vuitton>New Colorways for Kanye West Sneaker

The Velcro’d up mid is seen with ankle and mid-foot straps with tassel’d laces. The Velcro-joints also share the thick cushioned heel. Available starting June of 2009 via Kanye's blog
Im loving these colrways the suede,burgendy light brown and pink sneaks, the black suede is also hot...nice n simple loving the tassle on most of em you can see KW was inspired by alot different sneaker designers...Im digging it, what about you? If Kanye's name wasn't attached to them would you purchase?

Chapter Twenty Eight: Barbie is in the "Fashion World" Now

In honor of Barbie's 50th anniversary, toy maker Mattel is "introducing" the doll into the fashion industry.This month, Barbie and Ken will be on display at France's Colette boutique. Designer Karl Lagerfeld most known for his Chanel doings is dressing the dolls that will be displayed in the windows of the famed Paris boutique. Thats gonna be hot.....Barbie n Ken will have a more expensive wardrobe than some humans lol tha't's crazyyyyyyyyy....If I had a daughter that would be a fly lil accessorie lmao.....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Scene Two: Glamour Magazine Pays Tribute to Female Icons

Model Chanel Iman as tennis pioneer Althea Gibson,  actress Paula Patton as great jazz and blues singer Billie Holiday and singer/songwriter/actress Alicia Keys as First African American First Lady Michelle Obama.....just gorgeous 

Scene One: Jill Scott in Giant Magazine

Jill Scott is so refreshing, beautiful, talented, amazing performer I can go on and on. In the article she talks acting and whats going on in her life I adore her.

Chapter Twenty Seven:Michael Jackson Holds A press Conference

OMG right when I posted how Amazing and Innovative he is *end all be all* he comes out and announces this is his "last and final tour". Well then MJ I will hope to see you soon, honestly in the back of my mind I wonder how much those tickets will be O.MY.G out of the roof. SERIOUSLY he looked healthy and strong and his voice is wayyyy deeper than it once was *sideeye* lol....Love You MJ I screamed like a little girl lol.

"The reclusive singer made a rare public appearance Thursday to deliver the news to more than 1,500 screaming fans. Wearing a military-style embroidered black shirt with a sequined armband, black trousers and sunglasses, a healthy-looking Jackson spoke in a strong voice as he said the July shows would be his final performances. It was unclear whether he was announcing his retirement from live entertainment"-USA Today

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scene Five: Electrik Red > Friend Lover

Every lady n man  can identify.....I love these gurls their debut album How To Be A Lady Vol. 1 coming soon...love ittttt-work bishes this is sexy they never fail....What you guys think??

Scene Four:Charlie Wilson Video-There goes my Baby!!

Don't care what ya'll think, I am really feeling this video. It's soo real, raw, and I like it, it's not edited. It captures real love. Snoop and his wife have been married over 20 yrs and were High School Sweethearts. In the video, there was actual footage of when they got re-married last year. I soo love this song, it takes me to a place music back in the day use to take me, with groups such as Jodeci,Bryan Mc Night , Mariah Carey, Genuwine and others. Any whoo Charlie Wilson has been in the game for over 30 yrs and is still making those hits that touch your soul.

P.s. this record is getting heavy airplay on the radio (lite fm stations). Support Charlie Wilson, and, oh yea...Bow sooo hard till ya knees hit ya foreheads!

Scene Three: MJ Style Wise-One of The Greats

Lets Focus on how innovative he was o.my.g.......END ALL BE ALL.

Scene Two: Hotttt!!!!!!!! Keri Hilson + Kanye West + Ne-Yo= Knock You down/ And did Keri Diss Beyonce/Ciara?????

Perfect Lineup...don't ya think.....I love this song Im def feelin it Keri.....

Knock You Down f/ Kanye West & Ne-Yo - Keri Hilson
Bonus: Its rare that I talk about rumors but this Remix to Turnin Me On, Keri is going at someone....you listen and judge smh all I gotta say is Wowowww lmao Turnin Me Off remix

Scene Two: Musiq Soulchild>“Sobeautiful”

I am in love with this man musically, as usual he always provide a story line, his vids are always realistic and his singles are always classic.....go out n buy his album if you didn't already oooh i love this guy lol

Scene One: Lil Wayne > Prom Queen

I love this song, I love his new direction. Directed By Dave Meyers and Lil Wayne and Cool Fact: Rock Band Korn is  backing him in the performance scene......HOTTTT look Lil Wayne + Kanye=Wanye  lol

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Chapter Twenty Six: T.I. > Cover's Vibe

Hey Guys.....I missed you all, I know I've been slacking on the posts but school and life has been holding me hostage lol but as we proceed your boy T.I. covers the April issue of Vibe. Interesting pic I feel like he was just on the cover but hey whatever....judging by the quote on the cover I suppose he will be talking about the silencers and machine guns he went to buy and got caught with, and how he's only getting a year and a day in prison. I'll be looking out for mines for some shits n giggles enjoy the cover......