Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scene One: Yes Usher Yes-HUSH

Dont say nothin about your PARENTS STRUGGLING to KEEP UP WITH THEIR MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE THEN FOLLOWS, OR LOOKING AT THAT 401 k getting depressed everytime they see how there hard earned money is just wasting away about you not being able to attend SCHOOL cause you cant get a LOAN or your FAMILY MEMBER being newly diagnosed with CANCER and him not affording HEALTHCARE, or GAS prices, OR YOUR BROTHER OVERSEAS LOSING THEIR LIVES DAILY THESE ARE THINGS PEOPLE ARE GOING THRU-GO OUT AND VOTE MAKE A CHANGE OR DONT SAY NOTHING WHEN THINGS JUST STAY THE SAME-I PROVED ITS NOT ABOUT TALKING THE TALK I WALKED THAT SHIT OUT LIKE UNK

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