Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scene One: Trinidad Wining Guide and New REbel dance "Palance"

With Trinidad Carnival just finishing and Labor day coming up in some months, I'm sure some of you wonder how can you "wuk up and wine" to Soca on the parkway. I found this funny but true Trinidadian guide how to "get on" this year. Look out for this song for the parkway Road March PAAAAAAAAALANNNCCCCCCEEEE thee hottest song this year which I had on a prior playlist by pLAY-sis. Check the vid by JW & Blaze below. Big up the Trini Massive!!!

Chapter Six: Purple Rain> Bottega Veneta Bag

Solid colors are def what Im feeling for spring....I always have classic pieces in my wardrobe and Ive learned as Ive gotten older thats whats most important (never follow trends). This Montaigne Intrecciato leather bag by Bottega Veneta in solid grape purple is a must have but at a price of $2300 that will have to wait. Twizzy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Scene Four: I Love a MEAN boot!

If you know me, you know I would choose a vintage shoe or boot over a pair of heels any-day, with that being said what I love about these J.W. Anderson boots are the obvious black and gold fuse, and strap over the toe, its a look that a male or female can both rock...I will stick to customizing my boots myself because these will set you back about £690.00...

Scene Three: Amber Rose channels ICON Grace Jones

Kanye West muse Amber Rose does her best to REmake a Grace Jones picture....the verdicts out and even though Amber has a bomb ass body and her angles r stupendous, I feel that Grace Jones will forever be the HEAD bish when it comes to the whole androgynous look...her whole image looked like a Picasso and Amber's was more on a scale of (you tell me)....The way Grace Jones whole body aligned and the perfect shadow and her beautiful DARK skin will forever be a CLASSIC!!!

NEW REbel MUSEc Presenting Stop N Stare

New Music from Stop N Stare which includes from left to right; Prinze and KINGreally hailing from Brooklyn but putting the whole NYC on they back is up NEXT. Check out their remix to the hottest record in NY right Now but renames it Ashton, Mazzi, Bentley, Listen below + Download here. They get the Stamp from I.

Scene Two: Very random PLAYlist from pLAY-sis

Here are some songs you MIGHT can dl on your own, DISCLAIMER: very versatile genres OPEN ya minds ;)

Electrik Red- W.F.Y
Iwer George- We like it
India Arie- Beautiful
Kelis- Acapella
Brandon Hines- Scream out
T-Vice- Bidi Bidi Bam Bam
Prince- Adore
Ke$ha- Blah Blah Blah
Bob Marley- There she goes
JW & Blaze- Palance
Robyn- Bum like you
Kings of Leon- Notion
Rihanna- Rockstar 101
The Bangz- Anti you
Kanye West- Streetlights
Al Green- Simply Beautiful
Diana Ross- Love Hangover
Alicia Keys- Distance and time
The Futhamuckas- Dance with you
Pat Benatar- Love is a Battlefield
Passion Pit- Sleepyhead
Radiohead- 15 step

Thats all FOR NOW folks :)

Scene One: T-Vice -Nou Pap Lage (song for Haiti)

I have not forgot...much love and bless up my Haitians we all this music. The strength of THE people ;-)

Chapter Five: I respect a MEAN shoe!

I LOVE...a good wedge with personality :) designer= Carin Wester aw10

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scene One: ClothestheCurtains Blogger- Tahira-Kendra Williams/ DARLINGdra/ pLAY-sis/ dra-dra/ Kendy/ Dra [25 RANdoms about ME]

1. My family, friends and GOD is number 1 as to why their number Uno.
2. I am a fraternal twin, his name is Kenlon he's a minute older than me. I also have a older brother Khaleed, all our initials start with K's ;)
3. I play my music LOUD, if you no like beat it.
4. Prince is my ALLtime favorite artist, he's my daddy and the end all be all for me. Then comes Michael Jackson, Maxwell, Robyn, Alicia Keys, Kanye West and Electrik Red.
5. I'm not secretive I would say I'm private...big difference folks.
6. My major is Mass Communications but I'm gonna change it to Fashion Marketing thats my HEART.
7. My favorite shows of ALL time is Martin, Girlfriends, The Golden Girls, A Different World and Moesha,.
8.On a rainy day I love to stay in and watch my favorite movies which is Coming To America and Love Jones.
9. I don't mind playing my favorite song a million times literally.
10. Even when I'm in a "relationship" my networking status remains single, till i get engaged :)
11. I think I'm more of a cuddlier than a kisser.
12. But I love a sweet memorable assertive kiss.
13. My mom is my best friend, she get on my nerves like no other and thats what makes her special and she LOVES me unconditionally.
14. My mom is from Trinidad, My dad is from Soca/ Calypso/ Reggae runs thru my ears and blood almost everyday and I love it.
15. I swear I cant dance :/ but other people swear I can *fistspumps*
16. I love wearing boots and vintage shoes anyday over Heels but I respect a nice shoe.
17. Truthfully I would prefer a nice dinner and movie over a sweaty ass club.
18. I can cook but I wont cook for YOU :p...
19. I HATE Roses cause they smell like boo ooh...but I love lily's
20. I think most guys that dress really really great...r usually there goes my mate :/
21. I love love but love seems to hates me :/
22. I love to smile cause I have chiclets for teeth...lemme see ya teeth :)
23. I am very sarcastic and keep up with me romantically you have to have a sense of humor and GREAT sense of style.
24. I can QUOTE the shit out of a funny/great movie...we can be having a regular convo and I just might bust one out :D
25. I have the MOST fun when I'm alone :) I love your company but Tahira Kendra Williams is just thee greatest. LOVE yourself.

There you go...It was fun I might just do it once a year. FOLLOW ME @DARLINGdra on twitter.

Chapter Four: Chills, Chills, Chills Monica always gave me those

I am a really big fan of Monica she has been in the industry for over a decade and is still VERY humble I love her vibe, spirit, and all around energy. Check out her new song "Everything to me" I love this song....interesting fact: this song makes me get choked up, and on the verge of tears...smh. Monica is seen wearing the late Alexander McQueen outfits and does her take on a Fatal Attraction type video with football player Chad Ocho Cinco...she looks beautiful in EVERY scene...I Love it, its giving me everything I need :) check it out below.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scene One: If Life was a FANTASY....ahh Prada

Have you died yet? I Love Live and Breathe :) Prada SS10

Chapter Three: Twas the reason I LOVE Robyn...

"Dance like no ones watching"..I live and breathe Robyn's music also, people GET INTO her awesomery. Follow me on