Saturday, October 4, 2008

Chapter Thirty One: ??? Of The Day

Jim Jones: And look at the Vibe cover. Tell me who Jay-Z looks like in there? Did you see the picture of him? With the Louis Vuitton scarf and all that. Who did that resemble? You can say it. But he did it wrong; he had a Gucci belt with a Louis Vuitton scarf. Who does that? You smell me? That’s like wearing one Nike and one Puma

[T.I.]I don’t feel like he possesses any swag. Not like that. It’s fabricated. They’re watching other people, then they try and do it. You know people that dress like T.I.? You know people that go out and say let me get a T.I. outfit or do you know people who say “yo, you’re looking like Jim Jones?”

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? You a grown ass man ok so you started wearing the glitter belts and extra smedium shirts you sound like a gurl example I HAD THOSE SHOES FIRST OR I ROCKED THE DRESS BEFORE HER who cares now we know thas the only thing your good for jimmy is TALKIN SHIT GET OVER IT okay jay rocked the scarf SOO WHAT OMY YOU 30 SOME ODD YEARS AND NOW U MAKIN YOUR OWN SWAGGER LIKE US WHATEVER IM MAD I WASTED TIME POSTING THIS SHOULD OF LEFT IT FOR PRINZE WTF

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