Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chapter Forty Two:???? Of The Day

Did Wayne Get Married???Do you not see the band??And to whom it better be Nivea cause on Myspace Land they be promoting each other shit like no other. I love them together....Now to the juicy ??? My source who sat in at the BET hip hop Awards said Lil Wayne Announced that he's having a son blank stare*-SO IS NIVEA PREGNANT???WELL WE HOPE SO AND IN TIME WELL ALL FIND OUT IF WAYNE IS GON BE A SECOND TIME DAD...MY SOURCE ALSO SAID KATT WILLIAMS PULLED OUT OF HOSTING AND MR.RINGLEADER T-PAIN HOSTED AND I HEAR HE DIDNT DO THAT BAD. IT WAS HOSTED AT THE CIVIC CENTER LAST NIGHT BUT WILL AIR ON THURSDAY CHEXK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS LMAO-ENJOY YOUR SUNDAY MORNIN

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