Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scene Three: T-Mobile G1

Its so much buzz about this phone that I decided to post it. It looks like its good competition for the Iphone, with the touchscreen and a BlackBerry-inspired trackball that compliment each other very well, making navigating the interface a breeze. The G1 packs a full 5-row QWERTY keyboard that is very spaciously laid out, making this device ideal for sending text messages, email and instant messages. Under the hood the G1 has GPS, a compass feature, HSPA, Bluetooth 2.0 and WiFi. I dont know how great the service would be but i know not one but both my brothers are getting them so I'll see. October 22nd is the day of its release so good luck on getting one if your were smart I'm sure you pre-ordered yours cuz I'm hearing it already sold 1.5 million damn the ish went platinum already lmao but since you know its a first time phone for Google you know its gon have some tweaks maybe I'll hop on when my account is up in Dec.

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Brothers Blog said...

I ordered the phone but not til the day before it dropped in stores so I have to wait another week or so for mines. But I've been reading up on it online and it looks like a great phone from what I've read. Any good or bad feedback from your brothers?