Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scene Six: What would you do if you lost 28 billion dollars...well ask this guy because he just did

Wow formerly known as the 4th richest person in the world Lakshmi Mittal, 58 , who owns the largest steel company in India, has just took a huge loss due to the global financial crisis. I'm not talking about weight loss when I say he's the biggest loser of 2008. That must suck, he has lost 28 billion dollars in only 4 months. That's equal to 240 million dollars a day/ or even worse 10 million dollars per hour. Cheer up tho look on the bright side he still has 17 billion dollars left. He's not seeing that 28 billion back though unless the stock market changes for the better soon.

Damn that sucks and here I was getting mad because I lost 10 bucks in madden. This kind of reminds me of when Chris Rock said " Oprah would kill herself if she woke up tomorrow with Shaq's money." Obama 08 yall nobody is safe in this recession not even billionaires.

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