Monday, October 27, 2008

I VOTED TODAY!!!!!!!!!

I so voted today and I feel so good about it since I live in Georgia now I got the advantage to vote early YESS!! NO long lines. Unfortunately i could'nt wear my obama t-shirt or button which I guess is ok. It was so easy and and me n my mom was in and out. Ahhhh it felt so good to see Barack Obama and Joe Bidens name there on the touch screen along withh a bunch of congress men and judges and people goin up for senate lol, but seriously I VOTED TODAY yurr ass better PEACEEEEEE


Anonymous said...

good for you dra i always knew you would of grown up to be something inspirational and you do look very cute in that pic

The Vogue Society said...

Umm isnt that like for you though Im going to get my vote in tomorrow!!!