Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scene Three:Today's KatTalk is juicy!!!

Dear Kat,
I am a 26 year old intelligent,professional black woman and I consider myself very attractive and a great catch. ( I have been told that on numerous occasions as well.) Well I have been dating my boyfriend Jay for about 7 months now and he told me that he really cares for me and that one day I will make the perfect wife. Which brings me to my problem. Jay says he loves me but that our relationship has become boring and that he wants me and him to have a threesome with my best friend Giselle. I really love him and want to please him but I don't want to have a threesome. I'm afraid if I don't give in he will dump me. What should I do?


Dear Sasha,You answered your own question. You said you don't want to have a threesome so don't. Your boyfriend will probably dump you either way because you say your intelligent and a great catch but you really sound dumb and insecure. Never compromise yourself to please someone else. Have some self respect and pride.

I agree with Kat on this one, there's no way I would leave my wifey just because she wouldn't give me a threesome. What a cornball, u should leave his dumbass just for giving you an ultimatum like that. That's no way to treat your wifey, and if it's getting boring for him, surely you can do something to spice it up and step it up in your department so that this fool won't even think of asking for a threesome.

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ClothesTheCurtains said...

my point of view is if he loved you he wouldnt give you an ultimatum like that theres others things to do besides threesomes like role playing food, positions, places if hes that shallow you dont need him besides if he asks you for a threesome wit ur gurlfriend then u should ask for a threesome with his male friend lets see wat he thinks about that