Friday, October 10, 2008

Chapter Thirty Six: Internet going nuts over Jay-z and Fat joe fake diss record

I was listening to this live as DJ Kay Slay primiered it, but I was too lazy to blog soo shout out to miss info @ for doing it, I figured we always agree on the same sh*t anyway soo here's what she had to say.

All of New York City (and the connected hip hop universe beyond as well) is on fire because of a song that was sent to my co-worker DJ Kay Slay tonite. The song starts with Uncle Murda, and then Hov comes in and says this:

“Gangsta, Gangsta, how you wanna do this? I clap n—as down for yappin’ all foolish, ain’t no stopping this Roc-a-fella movement. The name is Jay Guevera, homie, who are you? and, if your off-beat DJ, anything he play sound familiar? I’ll wait ’til Pharell say, “Play ‘em.”**
Now I’mma have to diss you, Joe. You can get a smack for that, matter fact, the gats will blow….your toy squad will get squashed, Boy–yard dee, you’re lost in the sauce partly because your boss ain’t a leader. He’s a follower. No, I’m not coppin’ ya album or your single, most likely you’ll go copper…”
(**using Pharrell’s own voice)

“He Asked For It” by Uncle Murda, feat. Jay-Z (from thisis50)
The song is hot. The beat is fire, the Brand Nubian hook is crazy, Murda’s verse is hard, and of course Hov’s verse is classic, vintage, gully Hov.
Maybe because it’s exactly that…..vintage.



And thankfully, Just Blaze has also stepped in with his voice of reason….

“So for some reason people think this “new” Jay/Uncle Murda thing is a Fat Joe Khaled dis. It’s not. It’s also like 8000 years old and somehow dude got his hands on it and put a verse on it. Now that I recall, it’s Blueprint 2 era..I was going to use this verse for the S.Carter Remix CD but we couldn’t get the Pro Tools in time. Don’t fall for the okeydoke.”

So who is trying to use Jay-Z’s status, reignite an old beef with Fat Joe, and create a non-existant beef with DJ Khaled?

Either someone who is super thirsty to heat up their career. Or someone who is super thirsty to get at Fat Joe.

Either way, that s—t is fraudulent and wack.
More analysis after the jump….

And if you’re still not convinced, then let’s ask ourselves some simple questions….
Question: Why would Jay-Z drop a diss verse towards Fat Joe now?
Many of us know about the tension between Hov and Joe in the past. There was an incident in the 90’s outside of Club Carbon. There was a stand-off over a championship game at the Rucker in 2003. But there hasn’t been any negative confrontations between Hov and Joe in the past couple years. Meanwhile, Hov has ignored far more direct shots fired from folks like Jim Jones, Joe Budden, even from LL Cool J and Lil Wayne. And the timing of that Rucker Park standoff matches up with Hov’s statement that the verse is about 5 years old.
Question: Why would Hov diss DJ Khaled?
There no history of beef between Jay-Z and DJ Khaled. In fact, Hov and Khaled were actually together just days ago in Miami. Khaled was even a guest at Hov’s pro-Obama event.
Question: Who is Jay referring to when he says “your off-beat DJ”?
Probably no one. That whole part of the verse is from “I Ain’t No Joke,” where Rakim spits,
“Your offbeat DJ, if anything he play sound familiar, Ill wait til E say ‘Play em,’ so I’mma have to diss and Bro, you could get a smack for this. I aint no joke.”
Question: Why would Pharrell jump in on a beef track against Fat Joe and Khaled?
Or better yet, when has Pharrell jumped in on any beef track against anyone? Doesn’t make sense.

Other clues that its old? He talks about Terror Squad and calls them Toy Squad. There is no Terror Squad any more. He calls himself Jay Guevera. That is an old nickname.
However, the verse from Uncle Murder seems current. Especially since it references Stack Bundles’ death.

I hate stunts. So do I!!!!!!!!!

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