Friday, October 3, 2008

Scene Five: Rumor- Did Berg get a "Dark" ring around his eye PART DUECE UPDATED**

Ok is on some riddle type ish but we know who she talking bout-well its been confirmed they both arrived at Pure nightclub and word was goin around how disrespectful lil boogy was and you know how we BROOKLYNITES get down mr Hi Hater was not having that, so he got smacked up, when will lil dude wisen up n BEQUITE he reminds me of this lil dude i knew he talked so much but couldnt cash a check for nothin MY ADVICE- STICK TO YOUR AUTOTUNE N RELIABLE CHORUSES NEXTTTTT!!!!!!-DAMNNNNNNNNN LMAO IS IT CAREER SUICIDE FOR THE YUNG BOY I MEAN MAINO CONFIRMED IT THAS THA MEANIN OF BEIN SONNED!!!!!!!!!

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