Monday, November 16, 2009

Chapter Seventy Six: Finally New MUSEc vid Alicia Keys>>>"Try sleeping with a broken Heart"

I love love love love this song, and the video which shows Alicia Keys as a woman with powers, but it seems her powers keep her away from the one she loves. Love the way it was shot just like a comic book. Her bod is to dieeeeeeeeeeeee for, album titled The Element of Freedom, I cant wait to buy it ....check out the video in the mean time :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Scene One: Rebel MUSEc Vid>>>> LMFAO X Lil Jon

shots shots shots SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS shots shots shots shots EVERYBODY! Love these guys...always a ball of fun :) "The ladies love us when we pour shots, they need an excuse to s*ck our c*cks" lmfffaooo literally btw how many vids show n tell us the ingredients 4 drinks DOPE!

Chapter Seventy Five: New Rebel MUSEc>>> Rihanna

Ughh I love this girl, as you know I don't indulge with the messy, I just focus on the positive n I have a question WHY is this bish ALWAYS a Fierce Kitty lol love this video and the song def grew on me, she also has the fine ass new doctor from Greys Anatomy in her video. Also check out this new song i found>>>> Cold case love "Release me now cuz I did my time of this cold case hearts no longer cold and confined I've had enuff" loves it I might buy this album afterall :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scene Two: Rebel MUSEc VID>>>Leighton Meester X Robin Thicke- Somebody to LOVE

Love this song, Love Blair oops I always call her by her Gossip Girl name is sexy Robin Thicke is sexy ooo too much sex for me =0 "Give me the key to your heart, I can give you what you want when you're waiting for love And you're looking for someone Imma turn this gossip girl into a woman"

Scene One: REbel Quote-ables X Andy Warhol

These are some Faves...such an inspiration.

Chapter Seventy Four: Diddy X Dirty Money> "Love comes uʍop"

Ok they took me back to the Bad Boy era Total, Mase, Biggie etc>> lights, flash and dance feel of the 90's loving it, and coming from me that's a plus because I really don't like Diddy like that, but you cant knock Great shit :) enjoy Love the Black and White fits too clean! oo follow me on