Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scene One: It's here Kanye's video for "Love Lockdown" is finally here

I'm loving this video, Kanye always re-invents himself every album he comes out with and always has great concepts to his albums. His creative genius and him thinking outside the box is at it again, Ye is on some "Coming to America" meets old "Busta Rhymes" video type ish. I like the song and the video is hot something out of the ordinary that still looks fresh to me.

I don't know when he's gonna cut his lil mini afro but at least he shaped it up for the video. I'm excited to hear this album especially after hearing the second single "Heartless". Those of you who are hating and saying its not hip hop and its pop yall need to fall back you are the ones who don't have any plaques on the wall. Hip hop is about re-inventing yourself and thats what he's doing he's expanding this genre of music. Soo call it what you want, but it's hotttt.


ClothesTheCurtains said...

well said kev awesome vid its art and art cudd mean one thing to one person n to some not mean anything at all n this vid has a emptiness to it then u have a tribe of dancers rite inside/outside of his house this shit is amazinnnn well done ye underline meanin whereas i have my own interpretation genius-DRA

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