Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scene two:Time for today's Kattalk...Topic is Confidence

In order to compete in a man's world you have to exude confidence. Men are generally great at conveying a postive self image about themselves. You hardly ever hear a man saying I think, instead they say I know, I believe. Apologizing is another problem that women have. Women apologize for no reason and worst when they have a great idea. For example a woman would say I'm sorry but I have a great idea.... SMH ..(Why must we apologize for having a great idea) or I'm sorry but can I talk to you... WTH!! Women there are better phrases to use when breaking a conversation, excuse me, pardon me.Women are often raised to take a back seat to men and be humble. Wrong! Be strong,vocal, engaging and articulate . It is ok to brag and toot your horn. Men do it, so can we . If your not passionate and certain about your strengths and capabilities no one else will be. Anways here are a few books that I recommend every woman should read Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It,by Peggy Klaus, 101 Secrets to Negociating Success, by Elaine F. RĂ©. In order to be successful and respected have self confidence, be aggessive,work hard and surround yourself with likeminded individuals. Most importantly never give up and never doubt yourself.

Women are becoming more and more successful and I am a male, and I don't mind. I personally think it's sexy when a woman has confidence, like a Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton or even Sarah Palin. Some men will be intimidated by this confidence in women but a real man will find it attractive and it to be a plus.

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