Friday, January 29, 2010

Scene One: Kirk Franklin and Friends for Haiti

Please continue to keep Haiti in your prayers, donate what you can they still need our help. This song explains how I feel, so emo I get about REAL things going on in our world. SMH made me GO there "Is there anybody out there listening, and does anybody know my name NO my friend we were not there but we hear and we care YES WE FEEL YOUR PAIN" still HELP donate here you can also still text Yele to 501501 and Haiti to 90999 have a GOODday! :)

Chapter Two: Electrik Red performs Medley

If you have been following the blog you would know I'm a fan for these 4 woman known as ER. Their performances are always jam packed with nuff energy and they are performing at the E World awards they perform favorites Friend Lover and So good.....but they also hit US with a new single? "I'm that chick" I dunno but that shit is LIIIIVEEEEEEEEE..I live I breathe lol...these woman sheesh I'm going to def continue rooting for them "Mui Mui stunting go head say something...I KEEP THE BLOGS ON FIRE, I feed off DRAAAAMAAA" yass work! check it below n dnt forget to comment and follow the blog :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scene Two: "I got you" Bubble Vest

I went out with some MALE friends last night and it was such an amazing night..alot of unexpected shit hehe well we was all talking fashion and style and I got of feel of each of their style of clothing, each of them had their own steeze going on. I love that, I hate seeing males with their friends all dressing the SAME guy in particular noted he wanted a bubble vest particularly Moncler...this isn't quite Moncler but its insane check the hood and giant zipper all the way up by Duvetica...I got you :)

Scene One: THEOPHILUS LONDON> HumDrum Town Video

Karaoke= Great RAD times...specially with a special guy and great friends minus the smoke :)but this song is amazeeeeeeen...Vintage look, tight jeans and starter caps ahhh love it. ok Brooklyn boy from Trinidad :) sounds like the opposite of me in SEX (male im female) haha w.e. just Dance bish!

Chapter FUCKing ONE: Pardon the curse :x SUMMER dreaming,SPRING cleaning

I would LITerally die for that Fuchsia blazer match it with a simple white tee n some tights and those pumps. I'm def a tights girl ;p LOVED every look wooo

New Year New Thing: Im Bakkk!

I know I know, I let you down I left you out, but I promise I'm back , and feeling so much better about LIFE as a whole. @DARLINGdra on twitter. Tahira-Kendra Williams on Facebook any inquiries email I see alot more people are getting blogs and honestly they really inspired Im seeing some really great work...Thanks to everyone following and the continued support. To the future Curtains thanks. I will def get more personal this year promise :) but still continue to give the new music, fashion, politics, relationship dish, and overall LIFE experience. LOVE