Friday, June 26, 2009


First black man to have a video played on MTV, they would cut off sitcoms early just to premier MJ's videos....1958-2009 Thursday, June 25 we lost A LEGEND, selling 750 million records worldwide he impacted the WORLD with his moves (moonwalk, crotch grab, precise, sharp, n innovative dances) songs (all had messages, and were heartfelt), videos (MOVIES), Fashion, and humanitarian work. No longer will he be judged by the negative media. I wanna go where he is, a paradise he's better, happy, healthy, and living forever through me as I play his songs not because he passed but because every song was an inspiration, a movement, life, excitement, the future, none of his music dated, simply timeless. MJ forever lives through me, my family long live the King of Pop and to me King of Music he set the bar for what was hot. Michael is family to me, since me and my two brothers would play all the records (vinyl) and dance nonstop around our mothers living room table taking turns to stop at the "spotlight" and do a special move or EVERY xmas it was religion to play the J5 xmas album, sometimes playing it in the summer lol cause it was that good, so he def has a close place in my heart.....I still can't grasp this for the past couple of hours my brain hasn't worked or refused to....I'm saddened, my heart is broken, we lost the greatest musical LEGEND, his vision went unmatched. I feel numb, Im hurt, Im tired of these runny eyes....what he did to for our culture and world will never be forgotten.
The glove, the jacket with the rolled up sleeves the fedora, the knee pads all staples. I remember going to the movies to see Free Willy and staying well after the movie was done just to hear the song andvideo he did for the film...he touched so many lives with his life. My heart goes out to his family, his children smh.....from the words of Prinze "We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will....and MJ did that". May you rest in peace and no longer have to deal with the scrutiny that fame has brought. So sing and dance in his honor, his life was to be Great and he surpassed that, so if you get anything out of this what Im saying is Live Your Life to the fullest, and Live Your Dreams. All the Musical GODS up there I know you all are having so much fun :) GOD bless. RIP. LOVE

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chapter Fifty Six: When Love Takes Over by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland

This song is it for me...Kelly looked beautiful def think she should be bigger than she is anywho been playing this song nonstop...and vid is a easy kind of vibe....I love this song check it out below....Do you guys like??

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chapter Fifty Five: Ciara feat Missy Elliot "Work"

This bish looks soooo fierce!!!! Work work work wow so much energy...she hooks up with Missy again, third time def is a charm love it
"Walk that walk, show me how you move it, can you walk that talk, put some snap into it" Every outfit n shot looked so nice....She better be performing at the BET awards...Beyonce and Maxwell so far the only two I'm excited bout this year but the addition of CiCi would be crazy, remember what she did for Chris Brown's performance last yr uhh huuhh yea Lived it up. CHeck out the vid below...Sexxxyy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scene Three: Taste the Rainbow [= with this "Prada" Luggage

Show me how fly can you go with these bags, I say high in the can actually match a trench jacket, hat, SHOES, anything with these colors, Prada is on their job....What you guys think?

Celebs for NO H8 Campaign

I believe everyone should be happy and able to have a family and have the freedom to marry whomever they want.....I support the Gay-Lesbian lifestyle....that is all, beautiful photos simplistic yet powerful. Have a voice people Photos By Adam Bouska

Scene Two: Who else Goes "Gaga" for Gaga????!!!!

Heres a recent pic of Lady Gaga, I must admit the bish is bad....with makeup on yikessss*messy moment*, to me she is this generations Madonna heres her lastest video for "Lovegame" "Lets have some fun this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your Disco stick" did you guys see the vid where she said all she wants froma man is a BIG d*ck o emm gee

Scene One: F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S covers XXL with The-Dream

Does Fab ever age? I swear he looks my age (21), one more question Fabolous----->>>> wax or threaded? sheeeeesh those eyebrows are fierce lol *dead*-coffin, nonetheless he looks fine on the August 2009 issue, Fab is def killing all radio stations with The-Dream got everyone hyped about his album Loso's Way....they should do a joint album that would surely blow mines, what you guys think??=]....and Fab hurry and drop "Your Baby" feat Keri Hilson and Ryan Leslie "baby you'll hitch a ride but you gotta know how to do more than keep a thumb up" Fab and his cute lines....

Chapter Fifty Four: "Inside of you" and "Breakup"

"I don't care about the sensual side of you, I'm already inside of you in your heart" song is not new but def very hot, passionate, and sensual. I'm expecting more tracks like this from Mario, btw did you guys hear Mario's new single "Break Up" with Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane "Making you them promises, then breaking your heart again telling you she wasn't but she was then we argueing".....efffin love that track listen to both below

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chapter Fifty Three: New Music from KingReally n Philliybillz- Warning

From the upcoming mixtape "Money in the Mirror" good name Dannie/ "Warning" which is just an introduction to these young new fresh New York artists, def a feel good record. Kingreally on behalf of StopnStare and Philliybillz on behalf of Fly Inc team up and make a record about being Young Fly and Veryyy Flashy. Interesting tidbit: Kingreally 1st pic is my twin bro =) and I also co-wrote the chorus yessir....expect great things from my boys very talented...the team is here check them out on twittter:
Check the CTC team also: <<<<<------Thats Me

Warning - King Ft Philiybillz

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chapter Fifty Two: JR Aquino remixes "Every Girl"

Great remix, this kid is so talented...always looking for hot young artist so check it out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Scene One: Amerie *Updated* Why R U video

Been needing to talk about Amerie, she's so Gorgeous and I enjoyed her first two albums especially Touch. Amerie was recently signed to Def Jam and her new single "Why R U" (which Im not too fond of) is off of her album titled IN LOVE & WAR in stores sometime this August, I'm hoping that single is not the complete direction of her album cause I do love her so I'm sure it'll be better....we'll see check out "Why R U" below

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

Chapter Fifty One: Britney Spears Show in London with supporting act CIARA

Sexy....I can imagine how much hair was flinging and ass was shaking....speaking yall see what I'm seeing...much improved Ms. Ciara.....anyway moving on...good to see Britney Spears been doin good, I'm sure that was a great show at the O2 arena. Very good look for Ciara she's also goin on tour with Jay-z soon kudos, Ciara also is droppin two very hot singles the sensual "Like a Surgeon" and the uptempo "Work" feat Missy Elliot, we all know Ciara delivers great vids so stay tuned to see it.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Chapter Fifty: MTV Movie Awards: The Review

Last night was a Blur....MTV you LOSE waste of 2 hrs the whole show was a big FAIL.....My review Eminem gets T-bagged by Bruno (the dude the played Borat) and the Twilight kids grabbing every award sheessshhh, heres a lil what I had to say I was Live tweeting in response to the Em thing: Is this real hahahah -my intial reaction, Em was tight.
  1. For all u dumbfucks wo thinks that was staged em is who aginn mr homophobic he wudd NEVER agree to that
  2. That was epic that's a comebakk for ya Eminem lmao damn em aint neva comin bakk to mtv oops
  3. Tyrese aka black ty lmao helped out
  4. Balls to the face oo shit woooww
  5. Is this real hahahah
That is all....smh
When it was done I twitted this- Thank the lord thas over...mtv u lose