Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Scene Four:Today's KatTalk is crazyy...Her man is on the Down LOW...Check this one out guys

Dear Kat,
My daughters father was in jail for 11 years and he was recently released about 7 months ago. We stayed in contact throughout the duration of his bid. We have a pretty good relationship and he takes great care of his daughter but recently he has been making some strange sexual request, and I found some skid marks in front of his boxers. I'm beginning to suspect he is on the down low. He has been very secretive and if I question him he yells at me. He also has been hanging around a guy who I suspect is a friend of Dorothy. In other words he is flaming. Should I confront him about my suspisions or just try to catch him in the act. Please help.

Confused in Atlanta

Dear Confused,First off get yourself tested for all STD's immeditely. Secondly if you have these doubts about his sexuality I tend to believe he is on the DL. Usually when you have a gut feeling about something you have to go with your woman's intution. I don't know if he is a violent person but I suggest you confront him in a public place. Also you did not mention what sexual request he has made but I can only assume that you meant anal. This is a horrible predicament and I wish you the best of luck. Please be strong for your daughters sake and if when you confront him whether he admits it or not be prepared to leave him. Black women's HiV infection rates are steadly increasing and are at a all time high . Don't be a victim and love yourself enough to leave. Tips to take heed to know if your dating a dl man. He is constantly making homophobic comments. Being very secretive and always hanging around suspect men. Men who are very abusive towards woman. Feces in front of the underwear. Men that douche. These are a few tips but use them at your own discretion also read books by E.Lynn Harris. \

WOWOWOWOWOW (Flava Flav voice) That's some crzy sh*t. Homie is really bugging. First of all I don't even know how she managed to still be with him after 11 years in jail. I would've bounced since the judge and jury said "guilty." Second of all Hell yeaaa he's gayyy dumbass, you're putting yourself at risk by still having sexual encounters with this fool. His reaction alone says he's guilty, instead of him trying to find out why you're having these feelings and thoughts, he spazzes out on you without ever giving you a real answer. He should be trying to gain your trust and convince you that you're wrong instead of acting all hard core, when he's chillin out with Waldo from the "Family Matters." Until you get a real answer and you take him to get tested you shouldn't have any more sexual encounters with that clown.

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