Monday, December 29, 2008

Chapter Sixty Six: "Black Woman Walking" Documentary, Must See this and Read!

I had to post this, because it made me so upset. I don't agree with some of these women on this video, just because you haven't had a good black boyfriend gives you no reason to criticize all black men because of a few no good guys that called you out of your name. These women sound ridiculous, if you like White males better than black fine, whatever, that is your preference, but please do not come and get on video and try to put the black males down. Not all black males stand on street corners and yell at girls that pass by all day, i for one definitely don't. In fact I work in a Corporate Office and I approach women of all colors with the same respect black/white/latina/asian,etc.

I just feel so sad for these women, for them to get on tape and continue to put the real brothers down is just plain sad to me. Then they go on to praise the white men as if they have no flaws. I have plenty of Italian friends that act like jerks to women and guess what they're White! Have you ever gone to a bar full of Italian/White guys do you know what they do? Yes they call women out of their names and grab them too, the same as some of the blacks you're speaking of do. It has nothing to do with color, every race/color has jerks. You Idiots just sound so ignorant putting our Black Men down as a whole just because you have had a few bad experiences smh.

If you want a white male, fine, thats not a problem with me, I'm all for multiracial relationships but please Do NoT get on camera and use a few bad experiences to judge a whole entire race of Black Intelligent Men like myself. I am very disappointed and offended with this video.

Ladies please let me know if you too feel the same about Black Males or if you agree with me and you too are disappointed with this video.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays

Hope this Holiday brings you happiness and good vibes I play-sis and Prinze wish you and your family a Merry Xmas, hope you get everything you wished n hope for and Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah to all our loyal fans... all our Jehovah witnesses its just another day for you so Hi..... peace guys :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Were seeing Double Double B That is.....

Diva is just ATTITUDE, FIERCENESS, SEXINESS -Halo on the other hand is SENSUAL, INTIMATE, AND VULNERABLE Micheal Ealy is so sexy them eyes the chemistry between them was undeniable simply beautiful....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chapter Sixty Five: Season 8-BBC Lookbook

Seems as if the BBC team was inspired by the recent N.E.R.D tour, I love the whole rock star/moshpit feel of the shoot and it still amazes me the Pharrell can hop in these shoots and still manage to look so good :) -By far I'm feeling this Season 8Spring/Summer 2009- lookbook

Friday, December 19, 2008

Chapter Sixty Four: Some Morning Obama

That mans SWexy omy check out his "homie bakk in my day" steez, well if he was our day he cudd deff get the digits lol Dear Mr. President.........

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

These gurls are gonna mash up the industry with the combo of their personalities, sex appeal and great catchy tunes courtesy from Trick and The Dream they could be well on there way to superstardom their stage presence gets me super hyped about an album. There a mix of Prince (my idol) J* Davey, Vanity Six, Kelis etc from that era-I know I posted them a few times already on the blog but these girls to me are gonna kill every other girl group out there need proof check out this medley of irresistible hits We Fuck You + Friend Lover....4 the ladies also check out the video for Drank in my Cup gritty ass visuals love it, if The Dream And Tricky could make Rihanna a star someone to me that has no persona (my opinion) then I know for sure he could make Lesley, Binkie, Naomi, and Sarah into Superstars keep an ear and eye out for Electrik Red


fIRST of all Pharrell looks so FLY in this video...Luv this record and now the video the original rock boys of our era came wit this ill ass video admire the focus on our economic crisis and I still Thank The Lord everyday for Barack Obama being elected woo hoo---It's Over Leaving hehe ahhh look at rob from rob & BIG

Monday, December 15, 2008

Electrik Red Concert With The Dream and Lloyd from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.My dude The Dream and Lloyd performed along wit my gurls Electrik Red in atlanta sickkkk look out for dem chicks

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scene Three: Band Of Horses-Funeral

I love this song n the visuals is amazin also-Today is video day lol of songs im bumpin-The WOrds Dude

Scene Two: Tricky- Puppy Toy

allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen=
"true" width="425" height="344">

"She likes that money boy, and she, shes a puppy toy"- Alex Mills vocals are amazing n I've been loving Tricky because 1.He stole Lynn from
"Girlfriends" heart 2. That British accent 3.His tatooos 4. He's ill at trip-hop Get Wit It people...Great performance

Friday, December 12, 2008

Scene One: Spotlight: Chloe Sevigny

Chloe is Hippie/Hobo Chic with an Effortless-Classic Edge from seeing her getting
slain in American Psycho or playing a Butch Lesbian opposite Michelle Williams in
If These Walls Could Talk 2
-Sevigny rose to prominence after playing Lana Tisdel
Boys Don't Cry (1999), a biopic of transman Brandon Teena, who was raped and
murdered in 1993. The role won Sevigny Best Supporting Actress nominations for both
an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award,
Sevigny became known for her fashion
career and starred in a string of critically acclaimed
independent films.
aptivating with
her effortless style
, Sevigny has modeled for a number of designers and brands, including
Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, H&M, and MAC Cosmetics. In October 2007 the French fashion
ChloƩ announced that she would be one of the spokesmodels for their new fragrance
. In addition, she has been in a number of cover photo shoots and interviews, such as in the
January 2007 issue of
House and Garden entitled "Subversive Spirit". Sevigny is currently
releasing a clothing line in conjunction with downtown New York City boutique Opening
Ceremony, which is expected to open in mid 2008.

Chapter Sixty Three: Charles Hamilton- Brooklyn Girls

Since I am one myself a BK chick had to put this up If you havent heard about the boi he goes by the name Charles Ha-mil-ton lol most recognized from his Sonic the Hedgehog flow or from his recent back n forth with Soulja Boy. He's being called the up n comin kid along with Kid Cudi, Drake, Cory Gunz, etc thats gonna take over the rap game. We'll tell you guys more about those kids in some following posts but for now check out his vid.....o yea me likey now Prinze lol                                    

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chapter Sixty Two: Ryan Leslie "How It Was Supposed To Be" (Music Video 1 of 3)

My opinion I believe Ryan Leslie is one of the really good composers/songwriters of our time his tunes are so timeless and not only is he stylish and savvy the man is very smart graduating from Harvard but following his dreams to do music.This is the gritty interpretation of "How it was supposed to be" and its also a very personal song to him.In his words "I arranged this guitar driven version to capture the angst and confusion that I was going through when I recorded it". Go head brother!!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scene Six: Eugena from ANTM does "Holiday Hair with Ted Gibson and our own Ludget Delcy" with Essence Magazine

Eugena from ANTM, is not letting her loss on ANTM stop her, she is still very hard at work. This time she steps off of the runway to get a few hair suggestions and improvements from Ted Gibson and you know where there are models there is Lugee or Ludget Delcy, to be poliitcally correct lol! Any whoo Essence magazine does a wonderful article on Eugena and the God of Hair (real and fake, no pun intended) Ted Gibson. The article shows the whole Before and After effect of going to the hair salon. It shows how you can come in, looking like you were outside pushing a cart full of cans and asking for change, lol, to looking like your on 5th avenue in Bergdof Goodman. If your like me you would take Eugena in either scenario lol, but the shots were good and for more on this article you can head over to

By the way this article was styled by our very own Ludget Delcy (rEaLstylisH), he continues to bring fresh air to the game. So big shout out to Lugee for the article and i see we getting those styling credits up aren't we. Also if you didn't already know Essence says "Women worldwide flock to the Ted Gibson Salon to experience the sheer genius of this mane man." His salon is located on 5th avenue also in case you ladies were wondering.

Tell us your thoughts people...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scene Five:New Fashion...Slim hood tee's Would you rock...They're big in Europe!

These are called slim hood tee's and are really heavy in Europe and Japan, so will most likely be coming to the U.S. soon.They're like a hoodie and scarf all in one, and they did it in a way where it still looks very stylish. Would you rock it or not? Let us know what you think about the Slim hood tee's.

Intermission:KatTalk is back and with a vengance, Today's topic is GOLD DIGGERS


I recently read a book about women who aspired only to marry wealthy men. In the book the women were villified and were looked upon as imoral for their preference.
Is it morally wrong to want to marry a man with a sizeable bank account and has social economic status. If a woman has a preference for a wealthy man is it any different from a man who has a preference for beautiful women, or a college educated professional woman.

Some may argue that if a woman only wants to marry a man who is wealthy, she would eventually leave him if he ever loses his money. Some would also argue that she is just using him for his wealth.

It is just as easy to fall in love with a wealthy man as with a poorer man. Everyone is entitled to have a preference and who are we to judge what people like. As long as you are honest and not trying to misrepresent yourself I see nothing wrong with it personally. I respect all different viewpoints and welcome your feedback. Please comment and let me know what your stance is on this subject.

I could not have said it any better, it's sad that a lot of girls actually look up to that dumb broad superhead. They want nothing more, than to just take their clothes off, sell their bodies and have babies and shoot up crack in an alley. Trust me I watch enough Maury to know this. Women that are gold diggers just make it that much harder for the real Miss Independents to be taken seriously. Sh*t all I know is if the dig in my pockets the only thing they gettin is lint and it's gonna stay like that no matter how many billions i get, strags!

Great post Kat, for more post like this be sure to visit

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Scene Four:Lauren London turns Bisexual! upcoming season of 90210

In the upcoming season of 90210 the shows network, reports that Lauren London's character on the show (Christina Worthy) turns gay. It starts with some innocent flirting between her and co-star Tristan Wilds (Dixon on the show) then getting a little more serious.

I never thought about her in that way but can't say I won't now if you know what I mean,lol, I'm a guy this is a dream come true. I wish Cassie was her co-star though, now that would be a power Lez couple. Anyway all you Lauren London stans be sure to watch the new season of 90210 on jan. 6th on the CW network.

Scene Three:Diddy says Biggie j.r. and Biggie on the same track for upcoming Notorious B.I.G film

From -- Diddy recently revealed that a father and son collaboration between the Notorious B.I.G. and his son Christopher Wallace Jr. would appear on the soundtrack to the late rapper's biopic, "Notorious."

The duet is a remake of Biggie's classic "One More Chance," according to what he tells MTV. When it was finished, Diddy was blown away.

"We did the Nat King Cole / Natalie Cole thing," Diddy told MTV. "Lil' CJ and his father is rapping. It's beautiful. Lil' CJ -- Big's son -- is actually in the movie, and it's just a beautiful thing when you hear both of them on 'One More Chance.' "

As for the movie itself, the hip-hop mogul says the film depicts the events of his interactions with the later rapper to a "T," and the end? Well, Diddy says he was so moved, he couldn't get over it for a couple weeks.

"The movie's a mother's story," he explained. "[Big's] mother is the driving force of the movie getting done. I wanted the movie to speak for itself, so I haven't been out there overhyping it. But truth be told, I was blown away by the movie. I was entertained by the movie. The movie is what was happening. Can't no critics speak on it. I'm telling you, that's my life right there. That's what it was. That's what was happening."

"At the end of the movie, it messed me up," Diddy continued. "I was messed up for two weeks. It made you miss him in the right way. It made you count your blessings. It's definitely a tear-jerker. It's definitely a movie you're gonna be dancing in, crying in, you're gonna love it. You're gonna wanna see it again."

"Notorious" is slated to hit theaters on January 16, while the soundtrack -- which will include the father-son duet -- hits stores January 13.

Tags: biggie, diddy, notorious b.i.g.

Scene Two:Fantasia falls victim to the recession...Her house is up for Foreclosure!

Fantasia's lovely home is up for sale in North Carolina, for anyone in the state to bid on. The bank foreclosed on the formel American Idol's home for reasons of non payment. This is about the 6th celebrity whose home is up for auction in the last few months. Dame Dash, Evander Holyfield, and NeNe from ATL Housewives also fell victim to foreclosure in the last couple of months.

This recession is real anybody can get it, I don't know about you but im cutting back majorly. Sorry but don't expect any christmas gifts from me this year unless they sell it in the discount store lol.

Chapter Sixty One:New Music from Stop N Stare- Memories too

memories - stop n stare(sns)

This is the real remake of Mary J's memories. They made this track about a year and a half ago so when i heard about Keyshia Cole and Lil wayne remaking it too I decided to put Stop N Stare's version up too. Tell me which one do you guys like better. Just a little friendly competition why not lol.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Scene One: Adidas Originals House Party Commercial

I love this commercial looked like it would be a fun ass party-Adidas Originals celebrates 60 years of Soles and Stripes with Katy Perry, Estelle, Young Jeezy, the Ting Tings, DMC-Daryl McDaniels, Method Man, Redman, Afra, Ryukyudisko, Russell Simmons, Missy Elliott, Kevin Garnett, David Beckham, Ilie Nastase, Mark Gonzales, Kazuki, and Jeremy Scott.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Chapter Sixty: Brandy-Long Distance

Love this song love this video, Bakk to business hope everyone had a great thanksgiving Im thankful for seeing my friends and family but i'm kinda sad didn't get to see my godson i know im a horrible person smh but that'll soon change tho...promise