Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chapter Thirty Nine:LOOOSER

A lot of people were surprised with your comments to Complex regarding T.I.

People took it the wrong way. I wasn’t really deliberately doing nothing to knock T.I. I was just saying what I felt regarding swagger and who sets the precedent for it. I know for sure that people have said, “Yo, you looking like Jim Jones. I’m trying to get that ‘Jim Jones’ look.” But I haven’t heard people saying you’re looking like T.I. or whoever. Where I’m from, n*gg*s don’t run to go look like no Kanye. I don’t hear n*gg*s in the ‘hood like I need to get that jacket Jay had on.

Well, Jay did get everyone to start rocking button-ups.

Yeah, he caught that. But that was in his moment when he was hot. He was able to dictate sh*t. But that was because Dame was around him and gave him a little bit of “cool” factor. Sh*t, what can he dictate now? He’s dressing like me. I seen him with some skull scarves and some Louis Vuitton scarves and all types of sh*t. That ain’t Rocawear. If that’s what you own, you should be vested in what you own. You should be wearing that sh*t all day because it should be some fly sh*t that you wanna have on. It should be like Ralph Lauren where you know I got some fly sh*t. But no n*gg*, you see him dressing like me and turn Rocawear into skulls and shit. [Laughs.]

Who do you feel like right now is holding it down for New York?

All these n*gg*s have been around and they still not doing nothing. They trying to catch up to me right now, literally. I’m the point of interest right now. Who’s been more relevant than me the past three years as far as New York is concerned? As far as style, fashion, speakin’ my mind, political awareness and stuntin’ on n*gg*s. Ladies love me. Police know my name on a first and last basis. They respect me for a [being a] G. They ain’t trying to lock me up for weed, so I’m having a ball. I probably smoke like a half an ounce a day. N*gg*s know how instrumental I am to New York. There’s no one gonna be able to do what I’ve done as far as the work I’ve put in, the things I’ve accomplished, and the things I’ve escaped unscathed for another 20 years. I don’t have to have nothing out and I still shut sh*t down. Me and Juelz go on any stage in the world and shut the whole thing down.

Now that you and Cam aren’t really on good terms, is there regret on your part that you went to bat for Cam and got into a beef with Nas?

Nah. F*ck Nas. I don’t give a f*ck about Nas. He’s a rapper that just lost his pizazz. When I was in high school, he was the sh*t. He was the n*gg* that got us hyped. “New York State of Mind,” Illmatic and all of that.

Is there any possibility of a reconciliation?
What kind of reconciliation? I was never cool with him. I seen Nas a few months ago in L.A. with Dame. We was staying in this hotel right above the Ferrari dealership. Dame seen him and was talking to him. I was laying back on a couch laughing. He didn’t know what to do. I was looking dead at him. [Laughs.] And then Dame was like, “You know Jim?” He started [stammering], “Ah? Ah?” Dame is just burnt out. He not thinking about none of that frivolous [beef] sh*t. Me neither, for the most part. Nas was never on my level ever. Ever.

ok so he's really convinced that he's a trendsetter ummm blank stare*. Now from what I know and see, Ive seen more guys dressing like Kanye and T.I. combined your fashion style is really JUST IN THE HOOD UMM YOUR HOOD SMH....and he's proud that the cops know him on a first name basis your an OLD HEAD YOU IN YOUR 30'S TALKING BOUT WEED YOU AINT THE HOTTEST DUDE IN NY-sorry too break to you hun your a CRUMB IN THIS BIG ASS COOKIE-LOOOSER WIT THREE O'S-NEXTTTTTT

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