Thursday, February 26, 2009

Scene Two: Live Love Series 1- Bootsy Collins

You may or may not be familiar with this song, but if you have seen Baby Boy it was the song that Snoop Dogg was jammin to on the couch at Yvettes house *hehe*.....well this song has always been a favorite of mine, its just sooooo funky like Live is even funkier great performance he was talking some freaky shit too lmao RAW TALENT....the background singers was ooffffff the hook

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Scene One: First Lady Michelle Obama Covers People Magazine and President Obama Speech Addressing The Congress About Economy

Beautiful. Will be getting this mag. My room is filled with magazine covers of this family...hey what can I say Im a sucker for HISTORY.....speaking of which look below and check out President Obama's Speech from last night......AMAZZZZZZZZZEEEENNNNNN

Chapter Twenty Five: Check my Brother RON out Styling Hip-Hop Superstar T.I.

This is what its like styling for an in-demand artist T.I. give them a semi-hard time a behind the scenes glance of what its like to be in that brother Ron Bass also has a blog, his sense of humor and love of life is just amazing he's solid proof that even when the odds are stacked against you to keep your head and hopes up, n you can still make it happen in a GOOD way. Checkout his blog ronbass

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Scene One: Omarion New Music "Comfort""feat Lil Wayne

I soo love this, this is my boy n now he cut his hair even glad he's back and feat Mr. Yung Mula baby hisself nice little throw out track to get the folks talking enjoy Below Guys :)

Chapter Twenty Four: Bow Wow X You Can Get It All Feat Johnta Austin

This is a great song, regardless how people may viewBow Wow he's def getting better lyrics wise....he specifically dropped this single for the ladies tho n who can hate def has that Nelly feel to it and people can start the T.I. comparisons but I'm kinda anxious as to what else him and Jermaine Dupri will be working on, on the new Album New Jack City Pt II......

Monday, February 23, 2009

Scene One: Melanie Fiona takes on "Somebody Come Get Me"

I know by now you've heard Melanie Fiona's record "Give it to me Right" well check out her "Backyard impromptu style" version Somebody come get Me, this girl is awesome she's def gonna blow up her voice is amazing.....from her touring and being an opening act for Kanye West she def got something very special. She's a songwriter and singer and she repping for the West Indians also (she's Guyanese).....check out the video Below

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chapter Twenty Three: The-Dream X Kanye West- Walking On The Moon

This record is gonna be BIG it def grew on me O Kanye is rappin aginn....take a listen here......I cant wait to buy this record I STAN hard for the whole Radio Killa Family The-Dream, Electrik Red...that whole sound *channeling The End All Be All of Music *PRINCE*....LISTEN N LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!!!!!!!!! o n Kanye West did kinda go in lol

Friday, February 20, 2009

Scene One: Drake Lets Us know The Inspiration Behind "So Far Gone'', His Perception Of Groupies, and Comparisons to Kanye West and Lil Wayne

Love This Guy Check It:
 It may sound heavily clichéd by now, but all Aubrey “Drake” Graham wants to do is keep it real. The Toronto-bred rapper who gained fame by playing basketball star Jimmy Brooks on the teen TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation has no intentions of fabricating his past or lying about the number of women he’s smashed off. He even has no problem talking about how he leased a Rolls Royce Phantom with his TV money just so he could stunt.

On his latest mixtape, So Far Gone, he does just that. The tape has him rapping and singing—along with Bun B, Lloyd, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz and Omarion—about any and everything going on in his life, from drama with ex-girls to family problems most would keep under wraps. Complex caught up with Drake right before he left to celebrate the release of his tape with LeBron James, and we spoke to him him about So Far Goneghostwriting for Weezy and his place amongst the new generation of rappers…

Interview By Damien Scott

Complex: Many people don’t know too much about your outside of your role in Degrassi. Were you always into music?

Drake: As far as music goes, it’s always been a major part of my life. My uncle is Larry Graham played bass for Prince, my father, Dennis Graham, wrote for Al Green. [He helped] write “Let’s Stay Together” and “Love & Happiness.” My dad drummed for Jerry Lee Lewis. I’ve always been around great music. My family being from Memphis, Tenn, growing up around all the hip hop—Thee Six Mafia, Kingpin Skimmy Pimp, early Yo Gotti, shit like that was kinda what really influenced me.

How I got into rapping was, my dad was in jail for two years and he shared a cell wit this dude who didn’t really have anyone to speak to. So, he used to share hisphone time with this dude and at the time I was probably 16 or 17, this dude was like 20-22, and he would always rap to me over the phone—it was Poverty, that was his rap name. After while I started to get into it and I started to write my own shit down. And after a while, he would call me and we would just rap to each other. And after my dad got out I kept in touch with dude and kept writing my shit down and eventually I learned from meeting people who were into music, too, the art of making a song and I accepted the fact that I wanted to be in music.

Complex: Not too many people know about the rap scene out in Canada. How’s the atmosphere out there? Is everyone cool and supportive of each other?

Drake: I’m cool with everyone out here. One thing I’ll say is, as of late, with everything that’s been happening, we’ve really started to support each other, which is just great. A lot of people have reached out to me and said they’re proud of what I’m doing, and I’m proud of what a lot of these guys are doing. I think we do have talent up here. Someone that I idolize and someone who I think is one of the greatest artists period is K-OS—that’s someone I really look up.

Complex: So you really feel like you have the entire city behind you?

Drake: There’s been a certain surge of excitement around my city, it’s just crazy man, everything is just overwhelming. One thing I will say is that with a guy like Kardinal or a guy like Socrates, [who’ve] been around for 10 years, maybe more…a lot of people will tell me, “I’ve never seen a city really support anyone like this before.” And Toronto, they say, is the Screwface capital. They say it’s the city of hate, we’ve never really had that icon, someone where we can say, That’s our hometown hero. I’m not saying that I am that guy yet, but I think that I’m well on my way.

Complex: You mention K-OS as someone you look up to, but a lot of people who listen to you say you sound like a mash up of Lil’ Wayne and Kanye…

Drake: You know, those are two guys that I definitely look up to and to be regarded as a mesh between those two guys is definitely a good thing ’cause I love both of their music. When it comes to influencing my music, I’m also influenced by just great writers, all the music that’s outside of the rap or R&B genres. People that paint vivid pictures. I like all different kinds of music. I never heavily molded myself after rappers. Sometimes they say when you think something and you go to say it, you lose a lot of color about what you’re trying to say, so to me the best rappers are the people that don’t lose that color. Like, Andre 3000, ‘Ye, Wayne. So yeah, it’s definitely an honor.

Complex: Listening to your earlier mixtapes, as well as So Far Gone, a constant theme seems to be the notion that “All That Glitters Ain’t Gold.” It seems like you try to be honest and downplay the rapper lifestyle, like when you talk about buying a Phantom but regretting it.

Drake: Yeah, well, to be even more honest, I leased a Phantom instead of buying one, ’cause I didn‘t have enough money to buy a Phantom, I leased a Phantom because that’s what I thought I needed to do. And I’ve done a lot of things to just enjoy my nights a little more and to feed my ego. And that’s kinda why I rap about it, because a lot of people are like, “If he ever steps out of line, I’m gonna say Drake’s wack.” So the only choice I have is to be honest with my listeners. And that’s not to say it’s not a glamorous life and it’s not fun, but the reality is it’s great for the average person to hear a musician’s reality because we all seem so unattainable and so out of reach that when you bring yourself back to eye level with a fan and do it in the right way…

Complex: What’s the right way?

Drake: You don’t make stupid internet videos or show people you have too much free time, you just say the right things and they’ll be like, Damn this dude’s a real person and I can relate to that. That can make somebody’s life, that can make somebody’s day, that can be a line that they never forget. So I try to have as many of those lines as possible so that fans feel like Drake isn’t only one of my favorite artists, I feel like he’s one of my friends, he talks to me. That’s one of the benefits of being honest with your music. But some people are scared to do that, too, you know. Because some of their images are built off facade and that’s OK, as long as you can keep it up. But we’ve all seen what happens when you slip up, and that’s a stressful life, I don’t want to live like that. Letting people find out shit about, printing out my documents and putting them up on

Complex: Yes, we’ve all seen how ugly that can get.

Drake: Don’t take my ex-girlfriend shopping for fur coats, please!

Complex: Talk to us about So Far Gone. What was the idea behind it?

Drake: It’s basically a story. It starts in January 2008 when I was kinda confused like, What am I really doing? I gave up acting all together to really do this music thing, and I was really truly confused. It’s way different than acting, there aren’t people to depend on, you really have to build your own thing basically from the ground up, you know, so in January not only was I confused about my career, I was also in a very destructive sort of us exhausting relationship with a female and it was just a bad headspace for me to be in. So that’s where the tape starts.

It starts with this monologue, “Lust For Life”, of me crying out, in my head the things that I never say. The things that I was just thinking, that was my mindset. Then it goes to “Houstatlantavegas” which is about what I felt about the girl I was with. I just felt that nothing was ever good enough, and she was always searching for more excitement and then we move into “Successful.” I say at the end of the song, “There are so many things I want to say but I just don’t know how to say it to you.” I know exactly what I want to say, you know, I just want to be successful, but I don’t know if I can do it with you and then it goes into “Let’s Call It Off,” which is the breakup. And then coincidentally when I broke up with that girl a week later I went to Houston and met Lil Wayne and that’s where “November 18″ comes from.

Complex: How’d exactly did you wind up meeting Weezy?

Drake: My friend Jazz Prince—J Prince of Rap-a-Lot’s son—he played Wayne a couple of my songs and Wayne called me when I was in the barber chair getting a haircut, and he was like, “Dude, I just heard two songs from you and you got a whole CD of shit here, I don’t even need to hear anymore, I just need you here right now, can you get to Houston?” So I came out the next night. That was my first time in Houston and the culture and the city was so overwhelming. I felt like I hit Houston and got my swag back. I was single, I was with Wayne and it was Houston, I was going nuts, sipping drank, smoking, it was fun to me. And then you get “Ignorant Shit,” which is what came out of my meeting with Wayne.

Complex: Where did the title come from?

Drake: The whole tape extends from one of my closest friends Oliver—One night we were having a discussion about women and they way we were talking about them, it was so brazen and so disrespectful. He texted me right after we got off the phone and he was like, “Are we becoming the men that our mothers divorced?” That’s really where the cover comes from, too. It’ just this kid in pursuit of love and money. We’re good guys, I’m friends with some real good people and for him to even text me after we got off the phone it just showed we have a conscience. But sometimes you just get so far gone, you get wrapped up in this shit. The title has a lot of meanings—as the way we carry ourselves, the way we dress, the way people view us, not to sound cocky, it’s just that feeling that we’re just distanced in a good way. You’re just elevating past the bullshit and past all the shit that you used to be a part of and you’re not that proud of, you’re just so far gone.

Complex: You have three of the best young R&B artists in the game on this tape, but fewer up and coming MCs. Are you as cool with the new generation of rappers? Were you upset that you weren’t on the XXL Freshman 10 cover?

Drake: I’m actually very grateful I wasn’t on that cover, to be honest. I feel like everybody that was on there deserved to be on there; I’m a fan of a lot of those guys. I just think I have a different path, a different story to tell. To be put in that group is a like a gift and a curse. So to be the one guy that wasn’t on there that everyone talks about or should have been in there is kind of a good thing. It kind of creates a little bit of fun tension. I like getting my own thoughts out right now, I have fans to solidify, so that’s why I don’t do tracks with too many younger rappers or newer artists. People may consider me to be a music snob or whatever, but I like to preserve what’s mine and I also don’t just do tracks to do tracks, I make every song with a purpose. But… me and Wale are real close friends, we talk a lot, man. I listen to Kid Cudi’s shit all the time. Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids hit me up and was giving me all the compliments in the world—we’re real cool.

Complex: One of the main criticisms of this mixtape is that it sounds like808’s & Heartbreak lite.

Drake: Right, well, I think any time a rapper sings now, they’re going to say that. Just like whenever a rapper uses Auto-Tune, they say that’s Pain. I’ll put it this way: Kanye West has an amazing mind, but he always has the means that when he thinks something, he can make it happen right away. But I’ve been singing way before 808s and Heartbreak. I wrote all the hooks on every song I’ve done since I did “Replacement Girl” with Trey Songz in 2006. I’ve been in the R&B world for a long time, writing for artists, writing for myself, playing with different sounds and stuff.

So as far as 808s goes, that was a great album, I tip my hat Kanye for making that major release instead of making it a mixtape. But at the same time… people always need something to compare it to. The other thing is, [So Far Gone] is a lot different—it’s real R&B music, that’s why I put Omarion and Lloyd and Trey Songz on there. I’m doing duets with these guys. These are real R&B singers, [and] that’s what I was going for. Kanye was doing something different… I don’t even know how to classify it, I guess he calls it pop art. I love R&B music, man, that’s what you gotta understand, I listen to R&B music more than I listen to rap. That’s kinda my thing. I just want to make genuinely sexy music for women to listen to and for men to play for women.

Complex: Is your major label debut going to sound similar to So Far Gone?

Drake: My album is not going to sound like So Far Gone. It’s a well-rounded body of work that—again people will relate to what I’m saying, but the songs are made obviously to be sold to the public, so this was just my chance to think and write freely. It’s a solid hip hop album. I went left before—most go left after—my album comes out, so people will be like, Thank God, I thought he was about to do some weird shit. Some people go left after, when they feel more comfortable, but I feel comfortable with my talent.

Complex: Speaking of you debut, what’s going on with your label situation? There’s been rumors that you’re on Young Money and there are some saying you’re inked to Interscope. What’s good?

Drake: I’m not with either of those. I’m finishing up the deal tonight or tomorrow. It’s a great situation. My biggest thing that I’m excited about regardless of what label I end up on is my management team: Cortez Bryant that manged Lil Wayne and G Roberson that managed Kanye. To be managed by Hip Hop Since 1978, it’s a great family to be a part of.

Complex: There was video on YouTube with the Young Money crew backstage at a show, and Nicki Minaj said something to effect of “Drake gets the most stage time with Wayne.” Are you the front runner in the crew?

Drake: I came to Young Money genuinely, meeting Wayne, forming a friendship and making great music. I didn’t come into this as a Young Money recruit. I would say Young Money is a great thing to be associated with, it’s beneficial to everybody, with Wayne being the number one artist in the world. But Young Money, right now, until Wayne finds the time—because he’s very busy and he has a lot of projects in the works—to really get a home for that label and develop that label into a real entity, until then I think it’s something to just be associated with. I know Wayne wants to executive produce my album, so the affiliation is there and I rep Young Money. It’s the same way I rep Octobers Own, I rep it because it’s people that I care about.

Complex: There was also a rumor going around that you ghost write for Wayne.

Drake: [Laughs] You know, we’re all great artists, great minds, and we all just contribute to each other, there’s been times when Wayne has helped me out, and I’m sure, I hope, I’ve influenced him to do or say things on tracks. We help each other out, that’s part of being two artists who respect each others creativity.

Complex: We all saw him spit one of your verses at the MTV awards.

Drake: Yeah, at the VMA’s. That was just a spontaneous decision on his part. He used to always tell me, “I love that verse,” and just came out on stage and rapped that verse. [Laughs] And the wildest part was I was stuck outside of the Awards. I couldn’t even get into the award show ‘cause they didn’t give me the right pass, so I was stuck outside listening to my verse. It was my Hilary Swank moment.

Complex: You brag a lot about different clothing brands. Which brands are you currently into?

Drake: One day to day that I always represent is Ransom. Matt George owns a clothing line along with Oliver, I represent them to the fullest. I love Comme des Garçons I wear that a lot. Helmut Lang, Nom de Guerre. Public School’s dope. I wear a lot of Marc Jacobs stuff. I really just wear whatever—I’m not really a hipster fashion dude, I wear wild shit like Jordan sweats and socks and sandals. I don’t get dressed up to get my license renewed, but when I step out I like to look presentable and I like to dress up, I like to wear nice Armani suits. But those are some brands I definitely like.

Complex: Where do you like to shop?

Drake: My favorite place to go shopping would probably be Barney’s. I shop at Nomad here in Toronto. I don’t want to start talking to crazy about clothes ’cause I know there are some guys who are super into it and they’re going to read this like, “Aw man what the fuck?” I know I rap about that shit, but it’s just cause at the moment I really might be about to put on a Margiela tux. I like YSL, too, I like YSL a lot. But yeah, I just don’t want ’Ye to read this and be like, “What the fuck is this dude talking about?” I like clothes, it’s just something to spend your money on like champagne. I have a passion for champagne. I love champagne.

Complex: That’s what you drink on the regular? What are some favorites?

Drake: Krug Rose, Dom Rose if I had a good week. If I spent too much money at Barney’s, we’re drinking Veuve. I want to really start a genuine champagne company. Or be a silent partner in one.

Complex: What gadgets can’t you live without?

Drake: Blackberry is one that I can not be without. Anything that has to do withMac, I’m a Mac head. That’s it, my Blackberry and my computer. Navigation in a car is a big one. I’m not really a gadget person.

Complex: Which websites do you always check out?

Drake: I read Nah Right all the time; Kanye’s blog. Really one I can credit that I check everyday is Nah Right.

Complex: Before we go, who has the better groupies, rappers or actors?

Drake: [Laughs] I don’t know, I don’t talk to the groupies. I talk to nice, upstanding women. The groupies don’t get my attention. It’s the women that I like.

Thanks To Complex

Successful - Drake ft Trey Songz & Lil Wayne

Lets Call It Off (ft. Peter Bjorn & John) - Drake

Chapter Twenty Two: No Excuses!!!!!!!!!! This some Old Racist Sh*t

New York Post yall should be ashamed of yourselves, How can you make light of this its sad, after all we done experienced and achieved as a nation wtf. I feel like we reached so far and then some ignorant paper prints this. They sent out some Fuckery ass apology: 

Wednesday’s Page Six cartoon - caricaturing Monday’s police shooting of a chimpanzee in Connecticut - has created considerable controversy. It shows two police officers standing over the chimp’s body: “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill,” one officer says. It was meant to mock an ineptly written federal stimulus bill. Period. But it has been taken as something else - as a depiction of President Obama, as a thinly veiled expression of racism. This most certainly was not its intent; to those who were offended by the image, we apologize. However, there are some in the media and in public life who have had differences with The Post in the past - and they see the incident as an opportunity for payback. To them, no apology is due. Sometimes a cartoon is just a cartoon - even as the opportunists seek to make it something else.

No we aint tryna hear it, It moved John Legend so much he wrote a letter, I love him even more for it :

Dear Editor:

I’m trying to understand what possible motivation you may have had for publishing that vile cartoon depicting the shooting of the chimpanzee that went crazy. I guess you thought it would be funny to suggest that whomever was responsible for writing the Economic Recovery legislation must have the intelligence and judgment of a deranged, violent chimpanzee, and should be shot to protect the larger community. Really? Did it occur to you that this suggestion would imply a connection between President Barack Obama and the deranged chimpanzee? Did it occur to you that our President has been receiving death threats since early in his candidacy? Did it occur to you that blacks have historically been compared to various apes as a way of racist insult and mockery? Did you intend to invoke these painful themes when you printed the cartoon?

If that’s not what you intended, then it was stupid and willfully ignorant of you not to connect these easily connectable dots. If it is what you intended, then you obviously wanted to be grossly provocative, racist and offensive to the sensibilities of most reasonable Americans. Either way, you should not have printed this cartoon, and the fact that you did is truly reprehensible. I can’t imagine what possible justification you have for this. I’ve read your lame statement in response to the outrage you provoked. Shame on you for dodging the real issue and then using the letter as an opportunity to attack Rev. Sharpton. This is not about Rev. Sharpton. It’s about the cartoon being blatantly racist and offensive.

I believe in freedom of speech, and you have every right to print what you want. But freedom of speech still comes with responsibilities and consequences. You are responsible for printing this cartoon, and I hope you experience some real consequences for it. I’m personally boycotting your paper and won’t do any interviews with any of your reporters, and I encourage all of my colleagues in the entertainment business to do so as well. I implore your advertisers to seriously reconsider their business relationships with you as well.

You should print an apology in your paper acknowledging that this cartoon was ignorant, offensive and racist and should not have been printed.

I’m well aware of our country’s history of racism and violence, but I truly believe we are better than this filth. As we attempt to rise above our difficult past and look toward a better future, we don’t need the New York Post to resurrect the images of Jim Crow to deride the new administration and put black folks in our place. Please feel free to criticize and honestly evaluate our new President, but do so without the incendiary images and rhetoric.

John Legend

New York Post yall need to get it together, be more careful with what you portray, and publish smh damn.......What are you guys thoughts?

Hot New Ciara ft. Justin Timberlake-Love and Sex and Magic


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scene One: Finally!!!!!!!!! Kid Cudi X Day N' Nite

When I found out he Finally did a Video I Twittered *twitter* for you behind FOLKs* I said this: 

damn kid cudi finally dropped
vid for day n nite after how many
 years *blank fuckin stare*

Chapter Twenty One: Black History-First Lady Michelle Obama

Okay Mrs. First Lady looking beyond FAB, this Black History Month is so much more meaningful this year to me. Certainly BIG, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to some children from the DC area about the importance of this month, the history we surpassed and most recently made with President Barack Obama....I see the Adorables *that should be a cartoon name right lol*  featuring Sasha and Malia also I see First Grandma Marian Robinson *acknowledgement, that woman is doing the damn thing:)*. Just amazing...........What are you guys doing or did to celebrate Black History Month :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scene Three: Behind the scenes of Lil Wayne, Drake Drizzy n the rest of Young money video "Every girl"

This looks like it's going to be a hott video, The song is nice and is starting to get heavy airplay on the radio. Finally a lot of people get to see the face of the most anticipated and talked about rapper Mr. Drake Drizzy. Those of you who have been under a rock now finally get to see what he looks like if you never have before. Also Drizzy kills this song and outshines Mr. Carter but what do you expect, Weezy has admitted that Drake wrote a few of his songs, so it's all good.

Any way Young Money is comin hard in 09'and I can't wait for the full video p.s. Weezy just keep Tyga away from the microphone lol j.k. do yall thing.

Props to Vladtv for the video!

every girl - lil wayne ft drake, jae millz, gutta & mack maine

Scene Two: Love Can Burn You- "Fuck Was I" By Jenny Owen Youngs

Fuck Was I - Jenny Owen Youngs
I swear this is thee most
personal I would ever get on this blog, I just have to vent as I put on Miss Jenny and sing along I say me too to the lyrics- this whole song I'm like you fuckin bish you stole my thoughts smh.....i swear I dont ever wanna get to the point where I wish death on anyone but I just cant stand a person right now and I say The FUCK WAS I THINKING lol.....I know you guys can feel me when you feel like you gave somebody a part of you and they just took advantage you trust someone with your thoughts and words, I'm getting to know myself :)...the line "If we werent such good friends I think that I'd hate you." is sooo how I feel....The people that know me know Im very private, so therefore The END.

The Lyrics:
Love grows in me like a tumor,
parasites bent on devouring its host.
I'm developing my sense of humor,
till I can laugh at my heart between your teeth,
till I can laugh at my face beneath your feet.


Skillet on the stove is such a temptation,
maybe I'll be the lucky one that doesnt get burned.
What the fuck was I thinking?

Love plows through me like a dozer,
I've got more give than a bale of hay,
and there's always a big mess left over.
What did you do?
What did you say?

Skillet on the stove is such a temptation,
maybe I'll be the special one that doesnt get burned.
What the fuck was I thinking?

Love tears me up like a demon.
Opens the wounds and fills them with lead,
and I'm having some trouble just breathing.
If we werent such good friends I think that I'd hate you.
If we weren't such good friends I'd wish you were dead

Oh it's so embarrasing
I'm this awkward and uncomprable thing,
and I'm running out of places to hide
Sidebar: very mellow track Thanks Ryan :) ur a star in my sky

Scene One: Kanye West Covers Details Magazine

Kanye West looks serene and at piece on the cover, in the photo his eyes captured me I literally sat and looked at the photo for about a minute lmao, it kinda doesnt look how he acts haha he got blue eyes now...... lmao but um you can check out the article here at Very Good Read but at times I was like wtf is he talking bout...but we know how Ye's sense of humor is whereas he talks his sex addiction, and why he's happy now :) Good for you Ye

Prinze: Here's the video of the behind the scenes from the shoot Ye did for Details magazine. He is very lively in this video and shows that he is still his self Mr. Kan the Luis Vuitton DON! lmao @ his comment "the mirror bores me, so i have to find something new and exciting to wear" gotta love it. Get it people he was bored so he got a new hair style haha...n he's pulling it off too... Enjoy!

Chapter Twenty: Kanye West X "Welcome To HeartBreak"

Kanye West left this message on his blog:"This is not the next single, "Amazing" is the next single.

This is the video we've been working on for the last month.

We know there is another video out there using the same technique so we were forced to drop it now."

Interestingly say the least I love it tho. The song is remarkable let me know what you guys think....

Monday, February 16, 2009

Scene Four: New Music Hot or Not? Lady GAGA-Love Game!!

Don't knOw wHether oR not you guys are up on Lady GaGa but she's been doin her thing for a minute. She always has a unique style and way of dressing. The way she dresses in this video is how she dresses in real life too lol, that's the funny part. She reminds me of a Katy Perry mixed with some Brittney Spears kind of vibe. Any whoo CheCk out her new video its really nice.

OOO yea tELL mE what ya think!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scene Three:Pleasure P X Chocolate Coated Candy

Chocolate Coated Candy - Pleasure P
so our commenter
"Anon" wanted us to put this song up...ur a lil freak huh lol j/k.....since my aim is to please,  here ya go this got a nice lil groove to it. Baby making music for real, he on his Keith Sweat shit in this one. Im looking forward to this album :0......sincerely-Playsis/Babypuss

Scene Two: Mims X Move (If You Wanna)

This song is hott.this video is him what you want but he knows how to make a good hit......

Scene One: Swagger Like Us...Which one do you think has the most STYLE

Both artists have GREAT STYLE(not gonna say swagger because I hate that word now)...n they both carry themselves with poise. Common's is more GQ all the time 24/7...whereas Ye's is soo versatille he can be GQ, skater fresh, wear a lot of labels, be urban and still look Stylish doing any one of those. With that being said my choice is Kanye all day!

Who do you guys think has the most STYLE?