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Chapter Forty Five: Tracy Morgan AND McLovin For Complex

Tracy Morgan and Christopher "MCLOVIN" Mintz is on the cover of Novembers Complex magazine and we all know TM is a funny guy when i went to the Laugh Factory a couple years ago I had a chance to meet him and see him perform the guy is off the rip not only was he funny but unexpected he even did a joke on my "Date" lmao good times. These are some of my fav quotes from the magazine from his swift attraction to Prince and of course why Barack is getting all the love:

You’re sober now, but you’ve had a history with alcohol. What’s the craziest thing that happened to you when you were drinking heavily?
Tracy Morgan: When I was wilding? I got kicked out of Prince’s house. The last time he won a Grammy, we went to the pre-Grammy party. Free booze all night. Prince had his band in the living room. Everybody left the house except for me and my boy. It was 6 o’clock, 7 o’clock in the morning, the sun was coming up, and we were still drinking. And Prince and his wife were at the door in their pajamas and said, “Come on, Tracy, you’ve got to go.” And I was gay for about five seconds because he’s a pretty motherfucker. If Prince was a woman, I would go down on him. All the way down. Swell his vagina lips up.

You’re supporting Obama. What’s going to happen if McCain wins? Tracy Morgan: I’m leaving the country. Nothing’s gonna change. That’s the whole thing with Barack and McCain. I’m not just voting for Barack because he’s black. I’m voting for Barack because of his vision. He ain’t just for black people; he’s for all Americans. He’s like Wonder Mike: the red and brown, to the purple and yellow! McCain wants things to stay the same. The same fucked-up way it’s been here for 500 years. So, I’m for a change. I just hope Barack cares if he does win

What’s the difference between the phone calls Barack gets at 3 A.M. and the ones McCain gets?
Tracy Morgan: McCain’s not getting any calls at 3 A.M. His medicine kicks in at 8! Ain’t he got geriatrics or some shit like that? He’s an old man! He has to be in the bed by 9. His room smells like Ben-Gay, medicine and pussy.

Who’s the coolest politician the U.S. has ever had?
Tracy Morgan: Barack! Easily! Ain’t no other president had the crowd laughing and all that. Dude has charisma, he’s got the looks and he’s a cool dude—all the young girls want him! They all want to have his baby. Big pimpin’! No females want McCain, only his wife. Son is getting skin cut off his face and all kind of shit, man. You see how his arms look? He looks like Teddy Ruxpin.

Before your divorce, you were with your high school sweetheart for 20 years. How hard was it to stay faithful?
Tracy Morgan:
Shit was hard, but I stayed faithful. No women ever took me from my wife. Alcohol took me from my wife. Partying took me from my wife. She just got sick of the drinking and stuff. Once a woman is fed up, there ain’t much you can do about love. I hope to get married again. And I’m going to correct all the mistakes I made with her in my new marriage. Who knows? She may come back to me. My door’s always open.

How’s the dating scene now? Tracy Morgan: Horrendous! I keep meeting fucking golddiggers. It’s one thing if you’re broke, and the female loves you and helps you struggle to get where you want to go. It’s easy to love somebody when they’re there already. I haven’t been on the dating scene for 21 years. I don’t think I’ll ever find real love out there. When I met my wife, it wasn’t about love and money; we were happy with just love. My woman was good with money. She wanted to always put something away for the rainy day and things like that. I was the one spending. Now a chick want to spend all my money up—and then give me a hassle when I want my dick sucked! Right now I’m doing my thing, and there’s nobody that’s slowing me down. I’m moving at 100 miles per hour. If you can’t keep up, you got babies and you got problems, that shit going to slow you down. I don’t need it. I’m trying to tell my friends, man, I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t going to be one.
Also Here is some McLovin Quotes That I Thought Were Funny:

So, you’ve got the chance to vote for the first time. Who’s your choice? Christopher Mintz-Plasse: I’m going to stick with Obama. McCain is a crazy old dude. I don’t think he’ll do much better than what Bush has done. I want to give the Democrats a chance and see what they can do.

Because you were a minor when you filmed Superbad, your mom had to be on the set. How weird was that for you?Christopher Mintz-Plasse: It was only weird when she was there watching me have sex, and that was extremely weird. But I think it was for the best, because when we watched the movie and the sex scene came up, it wasn’t awkward at all, since she'd been right around the corner when it was going down.

She must have been so proud of you! Christopher Mintz-Plasse: She was like, “My boy knows how to fuck!” So, yeah, I’m really, really happy.

Did she ever walk in on you with a girl? Christopher Mintz-Plasse: No, I don’t bring girls back to my house for that reason. I never did in high school—the car was always the best place for high schoolers because we didn’t have our own house. Sometimes the girl’s house would work out.

Was that scene the farthest you’d gotten in high school? Christopher Mintz-Plasse: Ummm…no. [Laughs.] It wasn’t my first time. I wasn’t actually like McLovin in high school.

Now that you’re a breakout star, how have the groupies been? Christopher Mintz-Plasse: Everyone kind of knows my face now; it’s cool when it’s cute girls, but when it’s douchebag guys that like to grab my arms and throw my face into the camera and be like, “Take a picture with me!”—that kind of gets hectic. I’ve had girls grab my shirt and just get in my face and tell me, “I want to suck your dick!” Flat out, without any introduction or anything.

Ever follow through? Christopher Mintz: Nah. [Laughs.] I’m not that type of guy. I want to actually meet the girl and talk to her for an hour or two. Not just have a random girl pleasuring me without me knowing her name. That’s not this guy’s way.

Has the "McLovin" nickname become a pain in the balls yet?Christopher Mintz-Plasse: I try not to go out as much. If I do go out, it can get annoying. I went to Chipotle one time, and there was a bunch of teenagers whispering to each other and looking at me. It was really fucking awkward, and then as I was going to leave, this stupid kid ran up to the car door and put his hands in his pants and was like, “I got a boner, I got a boner”—like the McLovin line—and he was running next to the car with his finger in his pants. I just kind of laughed at him. If there wasn’t a car door there, man, I would’ve gave him a kick to the nutsack.
Seann William Scott sometimes can’t shake “Stifler.” Have you guys talked about nicknames sticking?Christopher Mintz-Plasse: We did actually, one of the first days on set. I asked him if he ever got past the nickname; he was like, “Yeah man, after two more movies, people will completely forget about it.” We’ll see what happens in a few years. He’s one of the nicest guys, man. He actually makes me feel like an asshole.

He claimed to take down Jessica Simpson. Did he ever tell you about that?Christopher Mintz-Plasse: Did he? I was actually in the room, on the other side of Jessica, when that happened. Eiffel Tower status. We did the Eiffel Tower and the Magician. Seann was nailing her. Then I ran in, and right when he pulled out, I went in. And she didn’t even know that we switched, so she was like, “This is still Seann!” And then she turned around and saw me, and she was fucking way happier than she was when it was Seann.
You have an advantage when it comes to landing younger Hollywood starlets because it wouldn’t be considered inappropriate. How do you feel about Vanessa Hudgens?Christopher Mintz-Plasse: Isn’t she dating Zac Efron?

Yeah, but what does that mean?Christopher Mintz-Plasse: True. Fuck it, let’s do it. Vanessa, if you’re reading this article, I want you. On top of me

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