Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scene Five:Kats katwalk or should i say kat talk...today's topic T.I. and his # 1 song whateva you like

Whatever You Like
T.I is number1 on the billboard charts for a reason. His number 1 single " Whatever You Like" is his ode to his long term girlfriend and mother of his last two children. T.I recites "Baby you can have whatever you like(you like). I don't know about yall but I defintely like the sound of that. He is not afraid to show how much his girl means to him by spoiling her with the finer things in life and he's talking about five million dollar homes and bentley's and such.
T.I not only wants to spoil her with material things he's offering her his time, late night sex whenever she wants it and he even goes as far as saying "Long as you got me you won't need nobody". Sounds a little like a control freak to me but I aint mad at you T.I. It's refreshing to see a rapper declaring his dedication to his woman. Tiny is doing something right.
Fellows yall can take some notes from T.I. There is nothing wrong with spoiling your woman and I know my ladies can attest to that. Anyways in general show your partner that they are special to you. I know everybody aint ballin like T.I but a nice candle lit home cooked dinner and flowers can go a long way.

That is soo true and i would definitely love to give my partner whateva she likes. P.s. did you guys hear the remix if not check it out it is hillarious it is about the dead beat boyfriends out there that do the oppositte of this post. The name of the remix is "You aint gettin sh*t tonite" by ti's longtime friend, comedian Duval lol.

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