Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scene Two:Fashion all the way in Japan featuring Nigo and the Teriyaki Boyz

Japan has been going crazy for these guys for the last couple of years, so i thought i would introduce them to the U.S. now. Notice how they go all out for their love of bape, ice cream, and especially jewelry. Nigo and the Teriiyaki boys can give some of the rappers a real good run for their money in the jewelry game dept. Nigo's has about 2 million on his neck alone, not to mention how he designs his clothing on his cars. Japanese fashion is crazy and there the ones that had us all going crazy for bathing ape just a few years ago and still have us going crazy for ice cream. They have a love for fashion and music and their creativity is just out the roof as you can see. They bring their dreams to reality, soo once again bow soo hard till yall knees hit yall foreheads.

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