Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scene Four: Just when we were beginning to like Brittney Spears again...A sex tape shows up, how convenient

Wow I was just beginning to like Brittney again especially after all her hard work in going to the gym and losing the weight, staying out of trouble and away from bad media; now this happens. Apparently Adnan Ghalib, Brittney's ex is threatening to release a sex tape of him and her. Some think that this is just another man crying for attention and trying to cash in on Brittney however he can. What a guy he is. Anyway he says he will sell the tape, but only for the right amount of money. The footage is supposed to be two hours along and features a naked Brittney Spears dancing around naked in a pink wig.

Don't let this clown stop your come back Brittney. Adnan go get a job man, go be mall security or sell some Mary Kay and be a real and stop this b*tchassness.

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