Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scene Two:Back with Kats Kat talk...crzy scenario this time would u date ur ex's bestfriend?

I'm a 24 year old woman with a huge problem. I have been seeing a guy for about 4 months & it is just purely sexual & I recently met his best friend & we have taken a liking to each other. He says tht he know he is wrong for liking me but he can't help it. I know I shouldn't be contemplating getting involved with him but I am. We get along great & I was never really serious about his friend. The best friend and I recently went out & had such a great time. I can't stop thinking about him. Should I follow my heart or my brains. I know I shouldn't but he is just so irresistible.


Dear Alexia,Forget about his best friend immediately. There are so many men you can get involved with. A best friend of a guy you was having sexual relations with is a major no, no. If you get involved with him you will regret it. Have some pride & respect for yourself. There are certain lines you can never cross & this is one of them. If you don't care about your reputation & being labled as a hoe go right ahead & pursue him. When you get tossed like yesterdays trash don't write me back crying.

Damn Kat that was harsh, lmao @ "getting tossed like yesterday's trash." However that is true there are a million other guys for u to date, why choose this particular one. I think that if a serious relationship is going to come out of it then she should pursue her feelings, maybe it's meant for those two to be together and it just didn't work out with the ex-boyfriend. If it's just going to be a fling though then she needs to fallback because she will just be labelled as some strag they both had sex with and will be laughing about it while playing madden just like me and my boys do...shout out to King lol. That's my 2 cents.

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