Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Scene Two: Why is Diddy lying about owning his own private jet??

Diddy is #3 on the Forbes List of millionaires this year in hip hop, so why does he feel the need to lie about having a damn jet. Diddy was seen on his last blog complaining that gas is so high that he doesn't even fly his own jet anymore and has started flying commercial again. Now come to find out, TMZ reviewed federal aviation records by the Palm Beach Post and saw no record of any P. Diddy or any other of his aliases on the list.

However Diddy's reps have notified the press that he doesn't actually have full ownership of a jet, but has fractional ownership. Which means that Diddy has a plan with Net JETS where he purchases flight hours.

This is soo petty...TMZ needs to relax and stop going soo hard checking everything everyone says. Who do they think they are the damn IRS??

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