Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scene One: Ryan Leslie brought Cassie in the game and now it seems she thinks she's too good to show up to his new video

Cassie didn't have the audacity to show up for Ryan Leslie's second single. Despite that it's still a very hot video and of course my boy Loso killed it. Damn I guess Diddy must really have a leash on that girl. N e way much respect to Ryan Leslie he's been on his grind with this music sh*t since he was 7 yrs old real talk and he doesn't need Cassie in his video to make it hot n e way. Wish you success Ryan Leslie.


rEvOluTion-iS-nEar said...

first i wanna say that all women are beautiful. whether they are yellow, brown, black or white. however, im sooo happy Ryan Leslie expressed just how beautiful dark skin woman are. finally women in general are shown as WOMAN and not objects in a hiphop/r&b video.

Anonymous said...

this vid is dopeeeeeeeeee omygod fuckin prtty ass gurls of color thank leslie