Thursday, September 4, 2008

Scene Eleven: Usher and Tameka rumor # 1,322,001...couple are "supposedly" separated

It seems the drama that follows Usher’s wife Tameka everywhere she goes is back in their life with a vengeance. Tameka has brought some seriously negative stuff into Usher’s life – leading t an estrangement with his mother, their expensive wedding being called off at the last minute, and then winding up at the courthouse. Recently Usher rehired his mother as his manager, and it seemed like things were maybe getting back on track. Apparently not so much.According to the Chicago Sun-Time, Usher and Tameka have separated. Which really isn’t any big surprise, considering she seems to have caused a lot of problems and brought very little good into his life. I’m not sure how he ever legitimized her place is his life to begin with.According to the former R&B heart throb has dropped his wife off just in time to promote his concert and new album!! Seriously, there’s alot of people hating on this relationship but they seem happy to us, so who knows. But the word is that Tameka Foster is ready to deliver in December and splitting with Usher are extra heavy today, courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

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