Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scene Three: Today's Fashion Spotlight "Diamond Headz"

I know you guys probably haven't heard of this line yet, but it's hot and it's just got started. A couple of friends of mine have started it up and have partnered with some Japanese designers for the creation of "Diamond Headz." The brand has just started so right now their only items available for sale are just t-shirts, but don't expect that to be all. Diamond Headz is expanding rapidly and more and more people are learning to love the hot new line. It's aiming for the success of brands such as Kid Robot, Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, etc. With Diamond Headz they want to build a lifestyle brand as opposed to a "t-shirt" line. The whole concept of Diamond Headz is to bring the life and culture of the young bright minded socially concious city kid. Diamond Headz means Bright minded, hard headed, Unique, and scarse. Weezy is already loving the line so I suggest you guys either get right or get left behind!!!!

This line is out now and the items are available for sale at http://www.diamondheadz.com/

P.S. Much love to the CEO of Diamond Headz, my boy Dwane Rich.

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