Monday, September 8, 2008

Chapter Thirteen:LOVE LOCKDOWN

OKAYYYY....first i must say when i saw tha actual award show last nite didnt really pay attention overall for me i expected more like the annual surprisement??? lol but on to a new one KANYE murked this song the drums is amazing i cuddnt understand a word watchin it on tha show but as i viewed it aginn I GOT IT umm this is the first "single" that MR.WEST is talking bout LOVE he had LOVE songs but not one came out as a single so im excited bout that and that guy RUSSEL BRAND can i go on a limb and say he was the best host that dude quirky as fuck and i LOVE it funny as all hell lmao I think Prinze is gon do a review so I wont-STANDOUT for me was PINK-TI-RIRI-AND KATY PERRY odd cuz she aint hit tha big stage smh-FALLOUTS for me was TOKIO HOTEL winnin best new artist???,LIL WAYNES piercing and his pants rite under his ass why men??

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