Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chapter Seven: In this crazy world...How does the Vice Presidential candidate not know what Vice Presidents do?? SMH @ Sarah Palin

Are you kidding me?? Unlike other websites i have not entered into her personal life with all the allegations surrounding her daughters pregnancy and her son actually being hers. This, however is UNACCEPTABLE how can you ask the interviewer what your future job entails?? You obviously are not taking this responsiblity seriously, if you even have to ask that question, she must think that all she's going to be doing if filing papers and answering phones. If that's what you think you have another thing coming Sarah Palin. Palin also stated that being governor in Alaska is a "pretty cool job", well Sarah there's nothing FREAKING COOL about being second in charge to the commander in chief of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. As your job as VP you will be helping to pass foreign and domestic policies, address any nuclear threats, pass new laws about technology, figure out ways to preserve the environment (going green), and thats just a few of the things you will be doing. Now i wonder, does it still sound "pretty cool" to you Sarah. Smh, is this the direction that we really want this country heading in?? I think not its your job to not allow this to happen guys, once again i encourage everyone to get out there and vote!!!!! If you don't know how it's simple, log on to www.bet.com/decision08 and register people it takes only 5 minutes to make a "CHANGE"

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