Thursday, August 28, 2008

Intermission:Soo my fellow blogger KAT hit me up with this blog about some confused preggo chick n e whoo it gets JUICY here it is

Dear Kat,
I'm pregnant and I don't know who the baby father is. I recently broke up with my ex & had a one night stand with a random dude I met at a club. It was 2 weeks apart from my last encounter with my ex. Should I tell my ex its his & hope for the best or tell him the truth..I don't believe in abortion so I am going to raise my child.. It will be my second. My daughters father died 2 years ago & she is 5 yrs old.Please help!!

Confused & pregnant

Dear Confused,

Bringing a child into the world in a deceitful manner will do you no good. I suggest you tell your ex the truth & also your one night stand. You reap what you sow & honesty is always the best way to handle things.. Give your ex the option of being there for you. If he is a good man he will be supportive if not be woman enough to handle your responsibility until a paternity test can be taken. I also suggest you get yourself checked for STD's. Condoms are your friend use them..I would advise in the future not to engage in random sex acts as we have AIDS running rampant.. Also engaging in promiscuous behavior is a sign of a bigger problem.. Know your worth as a mother & a woman .. Love yourself & please behave more responsibly. I suggest you read Maya Angelou's Gather Together in My Name.. Good luck & let me know how everything goes..

WOW crzy smh chick is triflin thinkin about pinning the baby on another dude...MAURY he's NOTTT the Father!!!lol j.k. N E Thoughts?? p.s. shout out to for letting me use this

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