Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scene Six:Please Please VOTE VOTE VOTE...We need that "CHANGE" so if you're 18 and older please i can't stress the fact enough get out there and VOTE!

Also the democratic convention continues tonight in Denver Colarado, for those of you that haven't been following. Tonight Senator Barack Obama will officially accept the democratic nomination and hopefully lead us to this "CHANGE" that we desperately need. I am a young man my myself n take pride in being able to vote and make history in my first ever election being able to vote...the country is in bad shape and i personally think that with all the strong leaders in the Democratic Party we can turn the country around. I see change when i see Barack, i see us being able to fill our gas tanks and have money left over, i see jobs being available n not calling Sprint technical service n getting dispatched to someone in China or India but America. Sooo please people do your part and get out there and vote...Also i love what BET is doing with the voting campaign shout out to Terrence and Rocsi for setting examples and assuming the role model positions...and if you haven't registered already go to

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