Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chapter Two: This Is My Orange Juice And Bagel

Ok so I listened to Donnie Klang's album on and I first wanna say I wished they woulda done more promo, cuz honestly he's the one artist from the camp i was interested in hearing an album from since the songs from Seven Aurelius who I always loved his productions was done on the show.Obviously he was very inspired by my GOD of music So imma tell you guys what tracks i loved liked and probably woulda cut.

1Intro-Loved it****
2Take You There-pretty good heard it over million time on tha ipodeezy-It was tha first Single Love Diddy***
3Dr.Love-ummmmm heard it before but for those who didnt its a pretty solid track*****
4Hurt That Body-Pretty Cool LOVE LOVE the production n tha occasional eh eh...oh its a Dream track lol***
5Hollywood Girl- Ok im not feeling the whole party girl Hollywood thing-CUT..but loves tha the Outro*
6Pick It Up-Ok Thats what tha album is doing..Kinda Smooth and he's playing the The Clean Up Man... I Like this****
7Pretty Girls Cry-Loves The Production-very very Prince-esh Subject Wise he's obviously warnin all girls to run from him cuz hell make you cry umm ok-This outro Shutup Donnie lol but thas how u meet ur soulmate***
8Catch My Breath-Yoo i cant get over this he sounds like Prince-I love that acoustic Guitar-I love this song*****
9Bedroom (Interlude)-Carmel lmao sounds like D.woods...oohh nice***
10Not a Love Song-Just an Ode To You I like the words to this****
11Which One-In a Dilemma ok Donnie so this album is stickin to that "Sound" but I Love it***
12Love In Stereo-Seductive Track..this dude is gettin his GOD on..This One is real The Love Below Andre 3****
13Just A Rolling Stone (feat Channel 7)-Why did he turn this into an intro..Im upset**
14My Idol-Okayyyyyyyyyy He got his off I love this song Professin his love OMGGG*****
15The Pain(Interlude)-This is real Justin Timberlake..nice we all go thru it
16The Rain-Getting His white boy on...i hate tha autotune on this track...i really like tha "Every Time You lie To Me" very Nick Lachey Love Love Love*****
Okay overall PRETTY solid im very disappointed that he aint put up Rolling Stone the original track that would of been my standout track, but My Idol n The Rain is my shit really good tha production makes up and makes it a complete album. Donnie Klang is on Bad Boy, Just A Rolling Stone is now in stores. Im bout to go out n buy it now BUH BYE

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Anonymous said...

i heard its okay from your review its seem prettey cool i wont buy tho kenny u are too funny tho i swear you need to be a A&R or someone in tha music business thats all you talk about music music music