Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scene Eight:45th Year History Martin Luther THE KING

I had a chance to attend and see tha the home,Church Martin was raised in I felt his presence the sense of People Power- White Black Spanish Asian Indian Every Race as one i seen tha pics there wit my family I felt proud to be in the presence I also had a chance to go in tha private room and seen his eulogy and private documents(couldnt take pics) so today marks tha anniversary and where seeing History rite now, So Mr Martin wat u did is not in vain..You led made us think and LOOK HOW FAR WEVE COME BOW IN THE PRESENCE OF TRUE GREATNESS


Anonymous said...

this you kendra i know i love you

Anonymous said...

yes it truly was a great experience...n im glad i got 2 c it wit ya cuzo lolsz....n his dream finally paid off 45 yrsz later..but as dey saii better late den never soo
_BlAcK p0wEr_