Saturday, August 30, 2008

Intermission:RUMORRRR has it Actor Idris Elba doesn't know how to please women in the bedroom!!!

First and foremost let me clarify that this is a rumor, n e whoo word in hollywood is that Idris Elba and his mini me may know to please the crowd on stage but certainly not in the bedroom. Several women have been complaining that the A list actor doesn't know what he's doing in the bedroom. Women have sent me e-mails complaining that sex with him is like going to a movie that looks really good on all its trailers and commercials but when u get to the theater ur yelling"boo, i want my money back", wow (puases). Say it aint so, I don't know if this is really true or not & Idris is my boy soo ladies cross your fingers on this one p.s. I would hate for the poor guy to not know what he's doing, soo don't worry ladies he has inspired me to write a new version of kama sutra books to guide you to guranteed improved results. I will name the book "PLEASURE ISLAND:Beginners guide to having good sex" LMAO. I hope this isn't true tho not that i care but Idris is my boy espicially after the wire.

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Anonymous said...

who cares ill still ill let still let him smash