Friday, August 29, 2008

Scene Four:C'mon VIBE Robin Thicke (one of my fav artist) Says They wouldnt Put Him On The Cover Cuz He's White What???As Told To Billboard Mag

"When I did a recent interview with Vibe magazine I asked, “Why can’t I get the cover? This is a magazine I love. If there’s one magazine that I’d want to be on the cover of, it’s Vibe.” Their response was they don’t have white artists on the cover; that the only white artist they’ve had on the cover was Eminem. I guess if that’s what it is, it is what it is. And I respect that because I live in a house with a black woman.

I won’t use the word “racism.” I will say it’s a tough — but rewarding — fight. I look at Mary J. Blige, somebody who has had only a few pop hits and yet has changed culture, generated new sounds and inspired leagues of artists. She’s now a worldwide phenomenon. And it’s because of what she stood for; she never gave up. She kept making great music, pouring her heart out to people.

You can’t always expect people to be as color-blind or open-minded as you want. What you can do is keep giving your heart and soul, like Bob Marley did. His music became so overwhelmingly loving; it was a relentless love in a sense. Keep beating them down with love and they can’t stop you."

Okay Vibe y'all sound n look silly imma supporter of the mag but if Im not mistaken you guys had Justin Timberlake on their also. This why other cultures and music pigeonhole us cuz sometimes we pigeon hole ourselves...when someone does something out tha box sometimes were so critical and diss it on another note Im glad Thicke called them out.

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katskatwalk said...

I concur...Give Robin his cover.. Yall gave Justin a pass & Robin loves our culture and is in fact married to a beautiful black queen.. He is very talented & respects our culture and race... Stop hating VIBE...