Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scene Three: Americas Next Top Model Is.....Teyona!!!!!!!!

The 20 y.o. tomboy from New Jersey with the "Tunnel Face" as Tyra would say won last nights competition, she actually was in good company top three was my fav Aminat with her amazing dark skin (I wish I had dark beautiful skin like her, full lips, long lean body and a mean walk, and Allison the doe-eyed girl with the blond hair, and baby dolls looks. But in the end only one was crowned ANTM she def deserved it she brought consistent photos and the girl had amazing dark skin also *I love me some dark skin lol* check out some photos of her hopefully she continues to work like somee of the past winners and contestants such as Bre, Toccarra, Eva Marcille, Jaslene etc....I still wish Aminat would of won but Teyona def brought it congrats to her another chocolate woman winning Yessiirrr.

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