Friday, May 8, 2009

Scene One: I Am: Ciara

Here at clothesthecurtains we always wanna know how our readers feel about an artist so I decided *solanges voice lol* to start up I Am: where we wanna know what you guys feel about there entire look, sound or whatever there up to. Here we have Ciara I must say I love Ciara and I hate comparing but everytime I see Rihanna I get the feeling like shes the one on the promo trail with all the fierceness shes providing with the outfits, in the pic above Cici was close but to no avail no Cigar...she tried I must say, on a creative level the pieces is fly I love the harem pants, the boyfriend blazer, the shoes were to die for and the python red scarf, but the all together I was a bit lost, it had me wondering hey what if RiRi wore this how would I feel. Is it because riri made it known that she has the "bad girl" edge to her, not saying ciara doesnt but ehhh well its your turn people what do you guys think????

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