Monday, May 11, 2009

Exclusive New Music: Eric Sosa- Paper Tall

Hailing from Queens, New York comes Eric Sosa providing that new new, personal friend of mine *Darling-Dra*and my brother Kingreally. This kid is def going somewhere, with his consistent drive and dope flow comes fresh lyrics with crazy style the way he rides over "Paper Tall" "No Utensils, No. 2 pencils looking at haters like fucker who sent you" its amazing he shows off that New York cockiness that the girls love and the guys will admire and want. If you want to get down with the Eric Sosa movement and see him live you def need to hit up the event *info provided above*May 13th his live show is packed with lots of energy and charisma, def a must-see trust if i was in NY I would so be there. Check him out on Myspace here listen to more music and favs of mine like "Poems From a Better Man"+leave comments and tell him I sent ya :) and hit up his website Check out Paper Tall below:

Paper_Tall_-_Eric_Sosa-1.mp3 -
Download here via ZSHARE

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