Monday, May 11, 2009

Chapter Forty Five: Giuliano Fujiwara Sneakers

Darling-Dra BKA Playsis is back posting exclusives kicks and when I say exclusive I mean not much KNOW about them these masterpieces that has made love to my eyes, and what I love to see on my guy *didnt mean to make it rhyme* lol are so classic. To me simplixity is whats in take note at Kanye's latest brand *the Yeezy's and his Louis's* a strap, a extra tongue or a material lively's up a sneakers....these white Giuliano Fujiwara sneakers are fresh and fellas perfect to wear this summer at an all white rooftop party *ideas people*. The bottom of the sneaker remind me of the brand Common Projects and fused with "I come in peace" at the top lol "Baby you got that i dont give a Eff mentality cause you just came from another Galaxy" these are find more info Google em baby :) Which ones you prefer? High or Low? Or are you just not feeling them let me know?

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