Monday, May 11, 2009

Scene One: Gotta do it for my LADIESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Givenchy

I know it mAy seem as if I only majorly post alot of footwear and accessories for the fellas, and as a Lady myself I said hey gotta put more shit up here for my here goes "don''t wake me up cause I'm dreaming of Givenchy, Somebody pinch me" -darling dra owww these right here SHITTTTT these right here are sooo sexy ladies plzz get your feet done, seeing how most of em will be out kk. I adore the straps and the height *very walkable* on the brown ones and lets not begin on the Patent black ORGASMIC sooo amazzzzeeennn....If a man can't appreciate a woman with a mean shoe game tell him to bakk bakk cause these are remarkable.

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