Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scene One: Swagger Like Us...Which one do you think has the most STYLE

Both artists have GREAT STYLE(not gonna say swagger because I hate that word now)...n they both carry themselves with poise. Common's is more GQ all the time 24/7...whereas Ye's is soo versatille he can be GQ, skater fresh, wear a lot of labels, be urban and still look Stylish doing any one of those. With that being said my choice is Kanye all day!

Who do you guys think has the most STYLE?


Anonymous said...

Both gentlemen have a nice style but as a whole I personally choose Common!!!

ClothesTheCurtains said...

HEY anon i hear n ur absolutely right they both have a nice style...but i gotta choose YE all dayy...p.s. he needs to come back to his senses n cut that mullet tho lol