Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Scene One: Kanye West Covers Details Magazine

Kanye West looks serene and at piece on the cover, in the photo his eyes captured me I literally sat and looked at the photo for about a minute lmao, it kinda doesnt look how he acts haha he got blue eyes now...... lmao but um you can check out the article here at men.style.com Very Good Read but at times I was like wtf is he talking bout...but we know how Ye's sense of humor is whereas he talks his sex addiction, and why he's happy now :) Good for you Ye

Prinze: Here's the video of the behind the scenes from the shoot Ye did for Details magazine. He is very lively in this video and shows that he is still his self Mr. Kan the Luis Vuitton DON! lmao @ his comment "the mirror bores me, so i have to find something new and exciting to wear" gotta love it. Get it people he was bored so he got a new hair style haha...n he's pulling it off too... Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

his eyes look dreamy lol