Thursday, February 12, 2009

Scene One: Listen To "The Rebirth" Bobby Valentino new CD

Listen Here
If your fond of honest RnB from Bobby Valentino then your for sure to enjoy this album. Bobby said on 106 & Park it has a 12 song guarantee!!!! Listen n judge for yourself :)-I put stars next to the ones I adore.....
1. 'The Rebirth'- The Intro
2. 'Make You the Only
One'-Decent-The title says
it all
3. *'Hands On Me'-Hot -About
having problems with the 
wifey and some side-chick 
wants him nonetheless
. Dilemma
4. 'My Girl'- NIceee-Wonders
 if he'll find the right
 girl....hmmm will he??? lol
5.* 'Butterfly Tattoo'-Crazyyy
Hottt- Next Single???
 Maybe...I love this one Prod. 
6.* 'Just Me and
You'-Smooothhh- Loving
Raphael Saadiq on Guitar...I
love this-See Title
7. *'Beep'-Everyone Heard
this one Moving along.....
8. '3 is the New 2'- Okayyy- 
Threesomes Basically lmao-
Skippies for me the fellas
would love this one
9.* 'Make You Say'- Love the 
Guitar on this song.... He aint
really say much here The
Instruments did it all...COOL
10. 'Be My Love'- Pretty
Decent, Not jumping over the
moon about it. The producing
is cool...Faaa lalala
11. *'Dance the Night Away
 (Interlude)'-Slow Dancing
with the Lovely...Cute :)
12. *'On the Edge'-About
losing a Love and not Letting
13. *'You're Not Alone'- I like
this-Being there for your
Friend during a hard time in
a Relationship...I can Relate
14. *'Stay With Me'-  Autotune
on this one lol...convincing
 the girl he's all she
needs....ummm ok Bobby
15. *'Another Life'- I effing
loved this song when it first
was released via his 
Myspace..I still Enjoy It
-remarkable....very Prince-
esque and If you've been
following the blog since the
early days you
know how  much I
 adore Prince.
16. 'Give Me Your Heart'-


Anonymous said...

Bobby V has talent always loved him, CD is good overall. Def liking "Hands on Me"...the beat reminds me of something the Dream had...but have u heard Booby V's song "knock knock"?, thought it would be on the albumn..

ClothesTheCurtains said...

The song "knock Knock" yea i did hear it I felt it needed work but def had potential to be on tha album as well :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Bobby V is a very talented artist but I don't think that his record label does a good job at promoting him!