Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scene Two: It's about to go down!! The girls from the show ATL housewives get into a fight!!


Over the weekend Kim received a voicemail from Lisa basically saying that she needed to call her or else she was gonna come over to her house and give her a good ole ATL smackdown.

LOL this is hilarious def. didn't see this coming. Stay tuned for the video i will try to get it by tonight.


Miss Pretty said...

All these women are a trip! They are really 2 damn old for all this back and forth foolishness. But I cant stop watching!

ClothesTheCurtains said...

@ miss pretty lol i know imma fien my gurl is lisa im so surprised by this cuz she remained neutral on the show n jus liked to have a good time wit her husband i guess since he play for oakland now she wann get gully lol