Friday, November 14, 2008

Chapter Fifty Four: VIBE cover with Plies???

Plies is on the new cover of VIBE's December issue, and mines always come maddddd late just got mine yesterday smh. To see cute lil Plies on the cover I must say I was highlydisappointed once I discovered after i flipped thru to some of music's elite on the inside first off what a talent Stephen "Static Major" Garrett was I mean this guy had the stlye and swagger of a star he wrote some of the biggest songs of the 90's with his work with one time love Aaliyah to the original sex symbol Ginuwine, Pretty Ricky, Lil Wayne and to his own group Playa the guy was a force not to fool with, and just when he was bout to blow up into his own in the public eye he passed an untimely death. He will surely be missed to read the untold story of his journey from the ones that knew him best was remarkable. Next was Maxwell ohhh yes ladies Mr.Womans Worth, where he talked about his tour uhh lemme not talk about that ughhh lol (I missed THAT oppurtunity) and whether he made a mistake with making us wait for a new record (shit when are you gonna drop that Pretty Wings song) lol he did speak about his upcoming album Black Summers' Night which he will put out in a Trilogy- Black-about personal highs and lows of life away from the spotlight, Summer's-more uplifting, socially conscious statement, Night-is a collection you guessed it slow jams, so anticipated and long-awaited. And last but not least Brandy Ms. Moesha Mitchell yes imma stan lol she of course talked about the infamous car accident and how she came out of that storm and hard time for her, she spoke about her best friend her daughter Sy'rai,her dating situation, connecting back with Rodney Jerkins and that "Marriage". All in all it was a great read as you can see there was better candidates for the cover but I guess VIBE staff wanted to try something diff and give Plies a chance, I must say he seems so intelligent which is a very sexy trait I guess he jus has a image and rep to protect wit them Coon ass Goon chains. W/E If you wanna find out more Go to VIBE for the article.

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