Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Scene One: BAD GIRLS CLUB Season 3

I cannot fukcin wait yipppe, Ive watched the prior two seasons n we'll see if they add up,looks like they do sidebar-they allow them to fight now without gettin kicked off afterwards???ummm so anxious Dec 2 Yessirr....If this is the last post of the day just wanted to say Happy Early Turkey day enjoy with ur fam and friends Peace


Ness said...

So I saw the premier 2nite and it was off the chain. This is my 1st time actually catching the show (I missed the 1st season).

Some of those girls have issues...but then again, they seem pretty young. All I know is tht if u toss a drink on me, I'm tossing my glass at ur head. Plain and

ClothesTheCurtains said...

lol i hear that ness i was sittin there like foreal three clubs and a restaurant glasses n drinks being thrown-i think alot of it was for the cameras kayla seems like she has alot of problems and amber (ditzy one) is jus plain ol annoying its gonna b a sight to watch the whole thing unfold lol so far im feelin tiff she seems like a dont talk just fight when the times right type of gurl...we'll see lol